What is the difference between interior designer and decorator? Best points to consider, 2021

This Blog is the complete answer to the question of what is the difference between interior designer and decorator.

what is the difference between interior designer and decorator

Introduction about what is the Difference between interior designer and decorator

This blog is an answer for people asking that “what is the difference between interior designer and decorator?”

Most people have wrong thoughts on interior designers and interior decorators. They consider them as the same profession, but the right thing is both professions are entirely different. people in this blog post will learn about what is the difference between interior designers and interior decorators.

So, then What is the difference between interior designer and decorator

Firstly interior designers’ work is to fulfill the utterly vacant space and making models of how the furniture will look. Making people’s places as they want and adding all types of interior work as per their needs is interior designing.

On the other hand, the interior decorator’s work is to showcase and built the required items in the fully designed house and decorating the house by adding some extra furniture to look the space in better condition. Adding some extra stuff that is not added by the interior designers is basically what interior decorating means.

Do people mostly ask questions that Do interior designers make more money than decorators?

the answer for that is uncertain as the money is based on customers’ budget and requirements but on second thought probably designers make more money than decorators.

Below are the Subheadings to know about What is the difference between interior designer and decorator

Interior designing

Difference between interior designer and decorator

What exactly do interior designers do?

Interior designing is all about creating the models as per the space owners wish and implementing that model’s design into reality.

The process of interior designing:

The interior designing process includes the majorly followed technique, which is thought by institutions mainly. Designers make vacant spaces not to look good but mostly being comfortable. Making spaces look beautiful is not an interior designer’s cup of tea; whether it be an office space or a residential space, an interior designer makes the place better for work or better to live instead of focusing on just making it beautiful.

Example for interior designers work:

For example, making a hospital’s interiors is like the space should be comfortable for patients. In the surgery room, there should not be any extra stuff for decorating other than just a surgery room. Making a hospital a good space for patients and not where they panic is precisely the job of an interior designer.

Their way of getting work:

Interior designers mostly have an additional contract or strong support with architectures, contract builders, space holders, etc., where they take leads from them and then work on. contractors are those who take people’s contract of building their house in a barren land and then let interior designers and decorators do their work. people also confuse between who’s a contractor and an interior designer. so the above-mentioned details are the showing the difference between a contractor and an interior designer.

When do you need an interior designer:

Doing the house interior work like removing the wall, plumbing, electric works, making the new furniture, or renovating your whole space is what the job or duty of interior designers is. When someone requires doing such work, then they need to hire an interior designer. If someone needs in the hiring of an interior designer, they can make up a decision by taking up the knowledge from referring to this link below


Institutes to learn and develop interior designing:

If one has the ambition to become an interior designer, he can join any of India’s best interior designing colleges. Ant type, of course, can be taken up by students having any creative mindset.


there is an interior designer certificate available but there is no decorator certificate enable.

Students can take up any courses according to their requirements because there are numerous courses in India. Suppose one needs to take up the interior designing course. In that case, one can refer to this link to know more about interior designing colleges and courses in Bangalore and India.

Professional work of an interior designer:

An interior designer should be expertise in bringing and purchasing materials required for a home or office space to become interior ready. An interior designer creates in his mind how the space will look after finishing the work of interiors; before creating in mind the design and how it will look, a designer should be mentally prepared to implement the exact things that he has promised in his 3D model and also give the same feel to the owner, so basically, he gets the value for his money invested.

Interior decorators

Now these are the points about decorators so that you will find the complete information about What is the difference between interior designer and decorator?

What does a decorator do?

an interior decorator is also known as an interior stylist so these points are considered for also to know the difference between an interior designer and an interior stylist.

Interior decorators use furnished products, paints, sofas, chairs, fabric items, flower pots, and many more things to improve the house’s aesthetics and make it look fully completed or fully furnished. Most importantly, interior decorators give the final touch-up to the house whose interior designing work has been done.

But most importantly, interior decorators work and give the complete interior designing done house, the life it wants and make it more attractive and affecting it will also give the value for money where you invested in interior designing of the house.

Example for interior decorators work:

Interior decorators are primarily working with the furniture products which are mentioned above.

Coming to example, making or using the correct space for the sofas or which sofa will come where, and making space available for flower pot that where it can be located that it looks good but don’t occupy more space and is full fills the house. That is what interior decorators do.

Their way of getting work:

They are mostly hired by architects, homeowners, and also renovators or developers of the buildings.

They also have close contact with all builders in their locality. Their way of getting work is having close relations with interior designers, which are the backbone of their business. Mostly interior designers and decorators both are interdependent.

When do you need an interior decorator?

When you are done with your interior designing work, the need for an interior decorator arises; after completing the interior designing of your house, you can contact an interior decorator and make sure your designing work is completed by giving a final touch-up to the fully furnished home. In also some situations like about changing lighting and making lights look attractive is when you can contact a decorator and make your work done in a cheap way rather than contacting a designer who charges a high amount of money, but never hire a decorator just because he charges less because professionalism has its own space which mostly designers possess.

Institutes to learn and develop interior decorating skills:

Firstly interior decorators don’t need any formal education, and they also don’t need any college degree to practice and become professional decorators. They need some skill in their mind and passion for creating people’s homes to look perfect and value money.

Suppose a person wants to become an interior decorator. In that case, he can take up the course of interior designing and make sure he also learns about decorating because there are not specified courses available for decorators to become professional so they can mostly take up the course of interior designing and take a degree program or a PG program considerably because in short term diploma program they will not learn about decorating stuff, so choose wisely.

Professional work of an interior decorator:       

Best interior decorators’ primary work is to ensure that they can provide the same design they show in their 3D models and what they promise their clients. They firstly make their clients purchase what accessories they want and make their purchase at the best and cheapest price. Then the second job is to choose the color scheme and lastly make the purchase of sofas and put them in the suitable space where your dining or living room doesn’t look fuzzy.

except these, there are also many points to consider about interior decorator and interior designer’s difference


In final words, interior designers and decorators in India are both well-known jobs or businesses to opt for.

This was the full detailed information about what is the difference between interior designer and decorator:

Decorators and designers both have their own space of money, their own space of importance.

Most importantly both insist themselves while preparing a beautiful house, commercial building and also renovating those buildings in such a way that there is value for money invested for space owner, secondly more attractive and lastly more suitable for home or also more convenient for office workers and also more comfortable if it’s a renovating space.

so I hope you have got the detailed answer about What is the difference between interior designer and decorator.

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