Top 10 Best Interior Designing Colleges in Bangalore

introduction about the best interior designing colleges in Bangalore.

Interior design is where your creativity and analytical abilities are at work. Interior design is about making people’s dreams come true. There are many good interior designing colleges in Bangalore, that can be taken depending on the student’s requirements. Designing houses for people can help you get ahead in your career. This field offers many different jobs. Some colleges and institutes offer 100% placements, where students are placed on their college campuses.

Students interested in creative fields can opt for interior designing as a career, can take up the best interior designing colleges in Bangalore from the institutes mentioned below.

Students must meet the eligibility criteria

First, every student must be at least 10+2 in order to complete their pre-university education. Pre-university education must have at least 50% marks. Admission criteria can vary between universities and institutes.

There are many types of best interior designing colleges in India.

1undergraduate [UG]A full-time UG program is a unique skill in the creation of functional and matching interior designs. This course covers all aspects of the design, including materials, furniture, lighting, and 3D space models.
2. Postgraduate [PG]This course is open to candidates with any type of degree, or any equivalent degree. It is a 2-year PG course that helps you gain industry experience, interactions, internships, and so forth.
3. Diploma coursesIf you don’t have the time or desire to invest in your 2 to 3-year career, you can still enroll in a diploma program. This is a one-year course that allows students to gain hands-on experience and can be used to enhance their resumes.

Software needed for interior designing colleges in Bangalore or anywhere:

Auto cad: Auto Cad is an important software for interior designing this is software very much essential for every designer it is software that is helpful to show the imagination design with perfect measurements. Auto Cad provides design in both dimensions like 2D and 3D.

Sketchup: Sketchup is another important software for interior designers it has a very much high impact on designers making 3D designs in a 2D environment. Sketchup is very easy to use also for beginners, it helps designers to plan the model for 3D designs.

3DS Max: 3ds Max is a computer graphics software that is helpful for creating 3D models, any type of animations, and the interior design is also shown in digital images with the help of this 3ds max. it has very high and good speed and is simple to use it mostly helps in creating photorealistic images of buildings and interiors.

V ray rendering: V-Ray is commercial software that is mainly used for 3D computer graphics and is not only used by interior designers but is also used by industrialists, product designers, game production houses, in films, in architecture, etc., it is basically a software used in creating the 3D models like Auto Cad.

Photoshop: Photoshop is a basic software used by many people to edit images, animating images, basic graphic designing, and many more it is widely used by people and it is very easy to use. It is just software for editing the 3D model images.

These are the colleges providing interior design degree courses in Bangalore:

  1. Nationl institute of interior design
  2. JD institute of fashion technology
  3. Vouge institute
  4. LISAA institute
  5. IIFA multimedia
  6. Pearl academy

list of best interior designing colleges, which offers the best interior designing courses in Bangalore:

  1. National institute of interior design[NIID]
best interior designing courses in Bangalore

NIID was founded in 2006. this institute is considered as the only “government college for interior designing”. They have helped many students and are proud to share their success stories.

National Institute of Design is the best and most reputable institute for interior design. It is closely linked to Bangalore university.

The institute does not offer degree programs. They only have a one-year diploma program in interior design. Their students receive all practical training.

The interior design software course is also offered. It lasts five months and teaches 3DS max. This course will give you the full knowledge of using the 3DS software, which is the most used for interior design.

2. JD Institute for Fashion Technology

Jd institute has been helping professionals achieve their goals for over 30 years. Jd has the best campus placement. Many of their students are placed right after they finish their courses. so it is in the second position of best interior designing colleges in Bangalore.

it has one of the finest interior design degree courses in Bangalore which is a 3 year program.

Jdians has the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders such as UAL, London. They have the opportunity to offer placements to students through their network.

Jd institute has campuses in many locations like

South Delhi, North Delhi, Dwarka, Bhubaneshwar, Gorakhpur, Patna, Indore, Jodhpur, Bangalore, etc.

3. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology

Vogue has been in the teaching profession for 24 years. overall offers the best interior designing colleges in Bangalore. Thousands of students have learned from them and they have achieved all that they had hoped for.

Vogue institute offers many courses, not just interior design. Their students learn to be experts in their fields and create the most beautiful interiors for the space they are given.

The institute offers many placement options for students. There is also a campus option.

for UG students asking which course is good for interior designing?

the answer for that is a 3 years program for undergraduate students.

It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka at KIADB apparel parks phase 2 Bangalore.

4. Institute for Interior design

ID [interior designing institute] is located in Bangalore. This institute offers the best interior designing courses in Bangalore along with many other courses such as fashion designing, animation, VFX, and interior design.

ID Institute offers interior design courses that include many options, such as

One year graduate diploma program

Advanced diploma for 2 Years

6-month certificate program

3-month certificate program

in 3 months certificate program it is the “best short-term course in Bangalore in interior design”.

The ID Institute offers convenient classes, great facilities, and experienced faculty. The placement rate is 98.6%, which means that most students are placed on their campus.

There are many great placement partners with ID institutes like,, urban ladder, etc.

5. LISSA school for design

LISAA School for Design is an institution of a France-based University. It is managed by CREO Valley here it is recognized by Bangalore University. They provide degrees for all students who enroll in a 4-year degree program after they have completed the course.

The institute also offers interior design programs. There is an additional part that isn’t offered by other institutes such as the “Institute of Interior Design”.Interior & product design they offer a complete package that includes product design and a course on “This is about taking inspiration from objects and creating original interior designs models.

LISAA also offers a diploma program in interior design, which is called “The Diploma Course in Interior Design.”Interior & Business Management” It isn’t a 1-year diploma program, but it’s for two years. Here the candidates learn about interior business management which is the most important aspect of any business.

Students enrolled in degree programs have the option of placing themselves on campus. It also has a partnership agreement with other companies.

LISSA is offering another best interior designing course in Bangalore.

6. IIFA multimedia

The IIFA-Lancaster college is a foreign-based college. It’s part of the LANCASTER institutes group, which was founded in 1991 to help students find better careers. it is also the best interior designing course in Bangalore. You can also take interior design courses, as well as fashion designing, game designing, and animation.

The IIFA offers an international dual degree program in interior design. It provides students with the full knowledge of interiors. Course duration is 3 years and includes 100% placement assistance. Lancaster University awards international degrees to students.

They also offer a in interiors program, which is a 3-year program. Students can get their degree here after completing the course. This program offers 100% placement assistance and students get their degree at Bangalore University.

They also offer the advanced diploma program, which lasts for 2 years. This course teaches students practical skills and includes live projects. All students who choose this course will be offered a placement guarantee.

They also offer a diploma program in interior design. This is a one-year program that allows students to quickly learn about the course. Students also learn about business strategies for interior design. There are no placement criteria.

7. Pearl academy

The Pearl Academy is a leading institute in interior designing colleges in Bangalore, Jaipur, and Delhi. It offers 40 different courses and also comes under the best colleges in Bangalore in interior design.

Its primary focus is to promote internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employability. Design, fashion, retail, and business are all supported.

It has 2 types of interior design courses.

One is a UG Program. This program is a four-year diploma program. Students should be [10+2] from any stream. After completing their fourth year, they receive their diploma certification. The UG program is a complete interiors program that covers all aspects of learning. Many placement partners are available to them, including Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, and homeland. They guarantee placement for their students when they hire them.

Students must have completed their graduation to apply for the second program, a PG program. Students can get their diploma certificate with placement assistance through this 2-year program. They have many placement partners. This is the best course for graduate students.

8. ICAT Design and Media College

ICAT was established in 2004 in Chennai, where the first branch was opened. In 2008, ICAT expanded to India and now has branches across the country.

It is one of the best interior designing colleges in Bangalore.

Students love to study at I design and media college. There are only two interior design programs at ICT. It offers a highly regarded degree that is internationally recognized. They also have an extensive alumni network to help with placements.

The first program they should consider is a bachelor’s in interior design. This program is 3 years long and includes an international degree from a foreign institution. This course is eligible for [10+2] marks, as well as 50% in any stream.

A graduate program in interior design is another option. This is a one-year program that is full-time and allows students to learn everything there is to know about interiors. In just three years, students will be able to learn all aspects of a 3-year degree program.

The ICAT placement options are extremely valuable as they allow students to study abroad if they perform as per the curriculum.

9. Nitte school for fashion technology and interior design

In 1979 Nitte Education Trust was established. There are currently 34 universities under NET.

Nitte School for fashion technology and interior design is a school that aims to provide better education in fashion and home. They prepare their students for a career in interior and fashion design.

Their first course is the B.SC in Interior Design, which lasts 3 years. This course covers interiors, exteriors, and arts. This course will make you an expert in your field and help customers create the perfect house.

This institute offers many interior design types of PG programs.

One year-PG Retail Course

One year-PG Home Interior Course

Master’s degree in Interiors, 2-year program. This is the best institute for MBA in interior design. These are the 3 types for postgraduate students who study interiors.

There are two types of diploma courses.

One is a one-year diploma course while the other is a three-year diploma course. This course is only open to 10th-standard students who have not completed 12th. it is considered as one of the best diploma colleges in interior designing colleges in Bangalore.

10. Gupta College of Design

Gupta College has been involved in many areas of education, including diploma, PUC college, and college. It was founded in 1991. in interior designing courses in Bangalore is not commonly offered by top institutes in Bangalore, but in interiors keeps as important as what PG program holds its worth.

Do people mostly ask which course is best for interior designing?

the answer for that is, B.SC in interiors is the most accurate one according to me.

so one of the best interior designing institutes in Bangalore is Gupta college to study it is considered the best interior designing course in Bangalore for in interior design.

Gupta College offers 2 types of interior designing colleges in Bangalore. The first is the B.SC in Interior Design. This is a 3-year program. Only 10+2 students are eligible to get their degree. This course also includes a 2-month internship.

The second type is the Graduate Diploma in Interior Design. This program is only one year and requires a minimum of a 10 th standard pass. Anyone can enroll in this course. Students are not provided with any kind of internship, but live case studies.

After completing an interior designing course in Bangalore or elsewhere there are many job opportunities and career options.

JOBS in interior design:

  1. interior decorator

2. set designer

3.3D modeler

4. color and material consultant

5. furniture designer


  1. Start their own business
  2. Freelancer
  3. Partnership with any company, etc.

After completion of the course, one can get jobs in Bangalore’s top 10 interior designing companies

to check those companies list you can click below


These are the interior designing colleges in Bangalore. They can help students realize their dreams. These colleges and courses in Bangalore have a low fee structure so students don’t need to worry about making an investment in this field.

The above mentioned are the list of “Top colleges in Bangalore for offering interior designing courses in Bangalore” many more colleges or institutes have many types of crash courses also to provide a brief introduction about interior designing and also to provide some amount of hands-on experience.

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