Top 10 Best tile manufacturing company in India,2022

This blog is about the best tile manufacturing company in India.

According to 2019 reports, the giant tile manufacturer in the whole world is China. Where it produces 5.23 billion sq. mt. of tiles every year.

But our India is the 2nd largest ceramic tile producer worldwide, producing around 1.3 billion sq. mt. Every year and selling globally. this all credit goes to the best tile manufacturing company mentioned below.

Tiles have become an essential part of our house it is like people’s first glance of our house so before you purchase any tiles consider the below-mentioned best tile manufacturing company and about their different types of tiles.

best tile manufacturing company

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Best tile manufacturing company in India:

  1. Kajaria ceramics ltd.
  2. Asian Granito India ltd.
  3. Nitco ltd.
  4. Orient bell ltd.
  5. RAK ceramics India 
  6. Somany ceramics ltd.
  7. Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.
  8. HSIL ltd.
  9. Cera ceramic tiles ltd.
  10. Bajaj tiles

These are the top 10 tiles companies in India:

1.kajaria ceramics ltd.

Kajaria tile manufacturers are one of the best tile manufacturing company in India,and are located and founded In Delhi,whereas, of now, it holds the average revenue of 2999Cr. Which is most prominent in the whole Country. It has a market share of 36.35% of the entire Country.

It is also growing in an average of 7% every year, holding the highest growth percentage. kajaria is the number 1 tiles brand in India. also holds the capacity of becoming the best tile brand in the world.

It produces the most significant number of tiles in the Country. It sells tiles with different designs and models its the number one company because it makes and sells tiles in the Country with zero errors. Which holds the record of not getting any complaints and having a happy customer base. they have a tiles manufacturing plant in India.

It sells many types of tiles such as:

Vitrified tiles 

Ceramic walls

Floor tiles 

Designer tiles and 

Tiles for bathrooms etc.

◼This company’s tiles are long-lasting where it doesn’t get spoiled every now and then and no need to replace them soon.

◼These tiles are smooth where it does not get rough any time soon and don’t get trashed as well.

◼These tiles hold perfect and attractive patterns where it attracts customers well and makes sure they purchase them.

◼Material quality of these tiles is just superb and promising. Which is the reason why kajaria holds the highest percentage of market share. because of the good material and best quality kajaria is such a promising company.

2.Asian Granito India Ltd.

Asian Granito India ltd. is in the second position in the list of the best tile manufacturing company in India. It was established and co-founded in the late 2000s. It has emerged and reached heights in significantly less time. Because of its main high-quality products, which are decoring home items and many fancy things with help people decorate their homes to the fullest. 

Asian Granito has a high turnover of around 1355 crores, and it’s of the second giant tiles manufacturers in India. It has its branches across 53+ countries and has a very high line of products.

Its high-quality line of products include:

Vitrified tiles 

Wall tiles 

Floor tiles 

Composite marbles 

Tac tiles 

Outdoor tiles 

Grazed vitrified collection of tiles 

Quartz stones, etc.

there is also a special type of tile mage by Asian Granito that is known as stock tiles.

These products are formed in 8 different super-modern plants in Gujarat.

AGL produces around 35.7 million sq. mt of tiles every year. It holds approximately 3.4% of the market share of the whole of India. AGL has the top 50th position in the whole world in the tile manufacturing unit.

It grows around 6% of every year and grows more rapidly, bypassing every year. 

AGL has a long and extensible market distribution chain with more than 6500+ dealers and small dealers worldwide and more than 250 exclusive dealers showrooms in every state of the Country. This helps the company to grow more and sell its products more. so this is the reason for AGL to top the list of the best tile manufacturing company in India.

Some of this companies features are:

◼ AGL products are of good quality and do not have many errors and negative feedback from their customers. So one can choose from their unit as well.

◼AGL products are durable and are more long-lasting, which is what they are worth the money.

◼As mentioned above, their products are more long-lasting, so obviously they are rugged and robust, which lasts long, and people mostly choose them for their durability.

◼In this high range of products, they have very high layers and patterns which are primarily mesmerizing and more ethnic for which they get advantage.

3.Nitco Ltd.

Nitco Ltd. It is considered one of India’s oldest tiles manufacturers and was established in the year 1953 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

it is one of the best tile manufacturing company in Maharashtra.

Nitco Ltd. Has more than 22 offices across the Country, Nitco’s market share in India is 6% in the whole tile manufacturing sector. They produce all particular types of tiles, which are mostly imported from Italy.  so it is on the list of the best tile manufacturing company in India.

They mostly don’t have a very high range of products, so they focus on very few products and specialize in them. In which most of them are:

Ceramic tiles for both walls and floor.

Vitrified tiles 

Gres porcelain tiles 

HD tiles 

Base tiles 


Natural and engineering marbles 

Made in Italy tiles 

Mosaic as well.

Nitco Ltd. It has a total revenue of 610 crores and with a capacity of 18 million sq. mt. of tile manufacturing every year. Around 1300 employees are working under them. 

Nitco Ltd. Has a strong network of more than 1100 direct dealers. They also export tiles to other countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other European countries. They ship their 20% of products to other countries, which is highest compared to any other companies in INDIA.

Nitco Ltd. Features are:

◼ These tiles are easily affordable. They don’t have very high prices in their tiles unit and even on other products.

◼these tiles and other products mostly have admiring looks and unique designs, attracting more customers than quality.

◼even these tiles are strong enough to last long, and no need to change them now and then.

◼these tiles are bacteria-free and resist dirt on them, and there is no need to clean them on time.

4.Orient bell ltd.

if we are talking about the best tile manufacturing company in India then you have to talk about Orient Bell Ltd.

Orient bell ltd. In India was found in 1977 Delhi. Orient bell is one of the leading tile manufacturers in India with creating a high number of quality products and a wide range of designs in those products.

Orient Bell has around 2500 branches in India and nine flagship outlets known as orient bell tile boutiques. It produces about 30 million sq. mt of tiles every year.

Orient Bell has a total revenue of 495 crores and a very high profit percentage and is also increasing rapidly.

Orient bell manufactures a variety of products like:

Vitrified tiles 

Ultra vitrified tiles 

Digital tiles 

Floor and wall tiles 

Elevation tiles 

Roof tiles 

Porcelain tiles 

Anti-skis tiles [one of the most popular items of their brand]

And it also includes many new varieties of products every year and experimenting on it. They are the first to introduce types in the product line up in the whole Country.

Orient bell is the first company to hire a European design and has many manufacturing plants in the northwest and south India.

Orient bell features:

◼ Orient bell company’s tiles are more promising and are rugged and robust, which don’t break before its warranty and don’t catch dirt as well.

◼ Orient bell tiles are more smooth and have a lovely surface and smooth corners also.

◼ this company’s tiles are scratch resistance and don’t get a scratch hold on them.

◼ orient bell tiles are of supreme quality, and the material is also very friendly and promising.

◼ these tiles mostly slip resistance, which is the best quality of tiles; most of the tiles are not slip resistance and can cause many injuries when water is poured on them, so one can take up these tiles to prevent any disorders.

5. RAK Ceramics India

RAK Ceramics India considered one of the largest ceramics brands in the world. so it is appearing in the list of the best tile manufacturing company in India. Where it competes with the most prominent brands across the globe. It was founded in the year 1989. 

It produces many types of products as it is considered one of the largest tile brands worldwide; it has more than 8000 types of designs and shades of structure present in all of their product.

RAK ceramics is a part of the UAE, and it was first founded there. though it was founded in UAE it holds the rank of the best tile manufacturing company in India than being prominent in UAE.

after UAE it approached India and settled its first factory in Andhra Pradesh. 

RAK ceramics produce around 30000 sq. mt. of vitrified tiles every day, which is a huge number to have. 

Their manufacturing items include:

Vitrified tiles 

Floor tiles 

Wall tiles 

Bathroom design tiles 

Ceramic tiles, etc.

Features of RAK company:

◼ this company’s products are long-lasting and more designs are available for which more customers get attracted.

◼ this company firstly focuses more on the sizes of the tiles, which is the primary factor to consider. They have plenty of sizes for which they are considered one of the best ceramic brands worldwide.

◼ durability is the third most trusted thing of this RAK Ceramics, where their products last long and give value to their money.

6. Somany ceramics ltd.

Even Somany ceramics Ltd has to be discussed when we are narrating the best tile manufacturing company.

Somany ceramics ltd. It is the ceramics brand spread worldwide like in Africa, Russia, the united kingdom, the united states, and India. It was established in the year 1969. It produces around 60 million tiles every year and has a high range of product line up adding every year. It has a total revenue of 1733 crores, occupying 4.8% of the whole market of India and employing around 2267 Indians.

it sells its products in so many other countries so it has the potential to become the best tile manufacturing company in India.

Company ltd. Includes many products in its line up where some of them are:

Vitrified tiles 

Floor tiles 

Digital tiles [most selling item of their brand]

Glazed vitrified tiles 

Bathroom fittings and tiles 

Sanitary ware

Tile laying solution, etc.

Somany tiles have more than 250 outlets in the whole Country and even selling it online.

So many ceramics tiles features are:

◼ these tiles are waterproof, and people don’t get slipped on these tiles easily, which is good and more reliable.

◼ these tiles are chemical resistant which means chemicals fallen on them will not mark them and make them look ugly.

◼ these tiles are long-lasting which means it doesn’t break easily and there will be no need to change them quickly.

◼ these tiles are smooth in surface for which it doesn’t get rough speedily and will not make it look ugly and change them before its time to change.

7. Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.

Simpolo Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the recognized ceramic companies in the world, and it was established in the year 1977. It has got recognition as a world-class brand through its research and innovation process. Innovating new designs and patterns has made them grow much more strongly in the market.

Simpolo’s headquarters is in Gujarat India, they have also received the “Bharatiya Udyog Ratna” award from the respected chief minister of the state.

it has got many other awards also that’s why it is in the list of the best tile manufacturing company in India

It has its branches in many countries like Taiwan, Latin America, the united kingdom, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, and many other countries.

It has a total revenue of 735 crores, and the capacity is 6.6 million sq. mt. of tile manufacturing annually.

Simple tiles have products under them like:

Vitrified tiles 

Smart marbles 

Outdoor tiles 

Wall tiles 

Step riser 

Simple company’s tiles Features are:

◼ these tiles are long-lasting as they will not break most often, and you don’t need to change them quickly.

◼ this company’s tiles have more admirable looks and many unique patterns, which will attract more customers.

◼ these tiles are stain resistance as they don’t hold stains on them and don’t even leave a mark of stain.

◼ these tiles are smooth on the surface as it beholds attractive looks and doesn’t get rough quickly.

8. HSIL Ltd.

HSIL stands for Hindustan Sanitaryware and industries limited. 

HSIL is known as the national company of India so it is on the list of the best tile manufacturing company in India

It was founded in the year 1960. Its real name in the world is Hindustan Twyford’s ltd in the united kingdom and china. But in India, it is known as Hindustan Sanitaryware and industries limited.

It came to be known as HSIL ltd. In year 2009, it’s one of the top ceramic companies in India.

they have a very popular type of tile and with the good quality known as Italian tile.

This company is highly reputed in producing sanitaryware and also for tiles.

Its head office is in Haryana, and it’s a huge revenue earning company. Its total revenue is 1879 crores. It has around 7.2 million sq. mt. of tiles a very year. Employing around 4200 Indians.

The products offered by them are:

Home furniture 

Soft furnishings 

Wall fashion

Modular kitchens, these products are sold under the brand name “EVOK”.

These companies come under the list of the top 500 companies worldwide and have many business segments.

The types of tiles produced by HSIL are:

Floor tiles 

Wall tiles 

Vitrified tiles 

Ceramic tiles, etc.

Some of the features of HSIL are:

◼ these tiles are tough and don’t break easily, and also durable.

◼ these tiles are scratch-resistant and smooth surface, which is primarily preferable by many people.

◼ HSIL tiles are waterproof, which people don’t get slipped easily with many other well-known designs.

◼ these tiles are stain-resistant and don’t leave any marks on the floor.

9. Cera ceramic tiles ltd.

Cera sanitaryware limited was founded in 1980 to give solutions for all decoration-related problems and needs of the people.

It’s among the top tiles manufacturers in India. Its head office is in Ahmedabad. It has currently 75 showrooms in the whole Country, and it also has 4000 dealers and many other sub-dealers. It has a total revenue of around 1330 crores, and with the capacity of 3 million sq. mt. of tiles produced every year, it also employs about 2587 people across the Country.

Its product lineup includes:

Floor and wall tiles 

Sanitary ware 

Kitchen sinks 

Vitrified tiles 

Ceramic floor tiles

Glazed vitrified tiles 

Digital wall tiles 

Quartz marble tiles, etc.

Its features of tiles include:

◼ these tiles are scratch resistance and have many other unique features as well

◼ these tiles are waterproof and are non-slippery as well, and are also strong enough.

◼ course tiles are stain-resistant as well as they don’t catch any stain and leave a mark on them.

◼ these tiles are more solid and rigid, as mentioned in the above point.

10. Bajaj tiles

Bajaj tiles are the biggest tiles exporters in India so they are appearing in the list of the best tile manufacturing company in has many branches worldwide, and it comes in the first place in the tile exporting business. It has its head office in Gujarat; it was established in the year 1992. This company makes around 72000sq.mts. Of tiles every day, which is a huge target to achieve daily. bajaj tiles are also the best tile in India.

Bajaj is an old tile exporter and it has to be named in the list of best tile manufacturing company because of its low price and maintaining the consistent quality of the tiles.

Their products include:

Glazed wall tiles 

Digital tiles 

Heavy-duty tiles

Industrial tiles [Speciality of the company]

Polished vitrified tiles 

Some of its features are:

◼ these tiles are having one of the most significant features that are they are affordable to everyone. These are not high in price as it wants to make customer-friendly innovations and customers’ happy base.

◼ these tiles are having admirable looks and are more attractive.

◼ Bajaj tiles are tough and hold very high ratings in quality checks. These are very strong so that you don’t need to change them most often.

◼ these tiles are also scratch-resistant and don’t hold scratch on them and make them look clean and shiny.

Final words:

So these are the top 10 tiles manufacturing companies in India, and there are many other good tile brands like johnson tiles etc.

Tiles are the most beautiful and essential things in people’s house where it gets the first eye on, so always select the best designs of the tiles.

These are India’s tile manufacturers, which hold the capacity of being one of the best tile manufacturing company in the world.

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