Best Table Fans in India, 2022

Introduction about the best table fans In India.

Fans are the essential important thing in our homes. Especially in summer, it becomes the most wanted thing.

Fans are of 2 types which are:

One ceiling fans

2 table fans

In this blog, we will talk about the most popular table fans brands in India, which most people buy and talk off, and according to some surveys, these are the best table fans in India.

the top 10 table fans in India which are also the best table fans in India:

1. Usha fans

2. Bajaj fans

3. Orient electric fans

4. Crompton fans

5. Havells fans

6. Luminous fans

7. Impex breeze fans

8. Baltra fans

9. RYLAN fans

10. Enamic fans

These are the Best Table Fans in India:


Usha fans are the most trusted brands of fans and most popular and high selling fans. People’s first choice of fans always is Usha fans.

Usha fans are mostly high fan price but good in quality because of this USHA fans holds the top position in the list of best table fans in India.

Do people mostly ask that which fan is best?

the answer for that is USHA fans which are most trusted by its customers.

USHA also has some best table fan under 1000.

best table fans

USHA mist air ICY 400mm 55- watt table fan 

These fans features include:

◼These fans are high-performance fans; the blades of this Fan are made up of dynamic shape, which provides 360-degree air.

◼These fans are efficient and more powerful; these fans are 100% copper-made motors with 55W.

There are around 3 number of settings

◼These fans settings are simple and easily adjustable, and one can easily set the air as required.

◼There is a study and safe base available which ensures the protection of thermal overload.

◼There is a 67 cubic meter per minute speed around 1280 rpm.

◼It includes two years of warranty and it is made up in china.

its components are:

Component1 fan motor 1 guard set 1 blade set 1 base
Mounting typeFreestanding
styleMist air Icy
ColourAll types of color are available
ControllerButton type
Number of blades3 blades
Number of speed3

USHA has so many good features in their products with fewer con’s in the product so it is one of the Best table fans in India.


Bajaj is a brand that has many types of products under them. Bajaj has a variety of kinds of fans which include:

Table fans

Ceiling fans [many categories under them]

Turning around table fans, most of them are more popular and are cheap and it is also one of the trusted brands so holds the second position in the list of best table fans in India


Bajaj fans features include:

◼Bajaj fans most powerful features are its sweep- 400mm: power-55W: air delivery-75cmm: RPM-1300

◼its blades are Acrylic blades, which consist of zero wraps from air pressure.

◼its thermal overload protector acts as a fuse and protects the motor.

◼ It is a high-speed fan that consists of high RPM, as mentioned above.

◼These fans come up with two years of warranty.

Some of Bajaj fans components are:

Special features3
Included componentsTable fan Instructor manual
Mounting typeFreestanding
ControllerButton controller
Model nameMidea
MaterialPlastic  and others


Orient electric limited is an Indian brand based in New Delhi, India. It is a part of CK BIRLA GROUP.

Orient is a big brand which exports around to 35 other countries. Orient is a brand you can trust blindly, and they will provide the best quality to their users.

They are experts in producing ceiling fans and also have good table fans.

they are mostly considered as best table fans in India and also awarded as best table fans in India in 2019.

Orient Electric Table-27 Trendz 400mm High-Speed Table Fan (Electric Blue)

Orient fans features include:

◼these fans have sweep-400mm, air delivery-5700m3/hr, RPM-2000.

◼There is an extra coated guard to protect against corrosion, and there is also a polymer ring that protects from it.

◼Their blades are aerodynamic, which provides air in maximum quantity.

◼There is also a telescopic arrangement for height adjustments to make it comfortable.

◼There is also a 90-degree oscillation present which makes it more perfect and consumer-friendly. Including ups-downs tilt management.

◼motor protection device is present for protecting from thermal overload.

◼There is a three-switch current for piano switch control.

◼it comes up with two years of warranty and includes many accessories in it.

Some of its components are:

Power sourceCorded electric fan
Special featureHigh-speed fan
Included componentsFan Warranty card Manual blades Guards Motor Neck [full package]
BrandOrient electric brand
Mounting typeFreestanding fan
Colourdark blue
Materialnormal plastic material
Controller typebutton controller
Finish typeGlossy


Crompton fans are made in China and are giving a high quality of competition for Indian brands.

These fans are sold under the brand name Crompton in India and under the brand name USHA.

Crompton is selling the best ceiling fans in India and is serving Indian markets for 130+ years. it is the best table fan in India.

Crompton is known for its product quality, durability, performance. Crompton fans are having the best table fans in India for sale.

Crompton hiflo neo-16-inch table fan 400mm

Crompton fans features include:

◼Crompton fans are high performing and are long-life quality maintaining fans. These are most powerful and not including more cost.

◼It prevents itself from an excess of heating and protecting from thermal overload.

◼ Fan’s elegant and attractive designs make customers’ homes complement it.

◼There are three modes of operations you can do every day, natural, sleep.

◼warranty is present for two years from the date of purchase and not from manufacture.

Some of its components are:

Included componentsTable fan Warranty card
Mounting typeAngled
Number of speed3
Number of blades3
Item weight3300 grams
Warranty2 years


According to the brand trust report 2014, Havells is declared the 125th trusted brand in the country among the 1200 other brands. 

Havells sell their products in 40 countries it also has 13 manufacturing unit in India. 

Havells ceiling fans are considered one of the most trusted and money-worth fans.

However, the best ceiling fan award is given to Crompton. But havells is also most famous and trustworthy. This is one of the best high-speed fans in 2022

Havells fans have some best table fans in India under RS 1000.


Havells fans features:

◼havells fans consist of jerk-free oscillation. Which is not seen in many brands.

◼ it has an all-around 120 ribs guard.

◼its blades are also designed aerodynamically and are known as PP blades.

◼it comes with two years of warranty cards.

◼ its voltage is between 220-240, and its power is around 50 watts.

◼the Fan comes up with a motor and a blade set.

◼ it has an extra feature that increases the air delivery of the Fan.

Some of its components are:

Power sourceIt is a corded electric source
Included componentsFans Motor Blade set
BrandHavells fans
Mounting typeFreestanding type of fan
Number of blades1
Item weight3500 grams
Wattage130 watts


Luminous is a New Delhi-based company. It’s one of India’s largest companies and has a high aim of becoming the world’s number 1 company in selling electric items.

Luminous has around 20% of the market share of the whole country in selling electric items.

they have a variety of products under them. One is table fan which comes in the top 5 selling items of them.

It also has a variety of table fans under the designs of a table fan so they are on the list of best table fans in India.

one of the best qualities of these fans is they are silent or with less sound so, best table fans in India.

Luminous speed pro 400mm with white color

Some of its features are:

◼ brilliant fans come up with high technology and a strong motor and high level of air condition.

◼it is made up of stainless steel and doesn’t need to wash them quickly.

◼these fans are also the aerodynamically PP blades.

◼it also prevents thermal overload protection with high technology in it.

◼comes up with two years of warranty cards.

◼ it is a high-performing fan with a premium finish, as luminous considers its first job to give customers the best product quality.

Some of its components are:

Included componentsOnly table fan
Mounting typeFreestanding
ColourWhite with blue
Number of blades3
Item weight4 kg’s
Model nameSpeed pro


Impex is a type of table fan sold under some other brand name and is the best quality table fan. Impex comes under the list of top 10 table fan companies in India because they only sell table fans, and not many products are under them.

Impex has a large variety of table fans that you can get many types of designs and patterns under them.

Impex also has some weird plans of table fans that attract more customers and are more different.

Impex fans are mostly small fans, people willing to buy small fans can consider these.

Impex fans are also having vintage desk fans, because of their high range of table fans they come under the list of best table fans in India.

Impex breeze-d1 rechargeable table fan with dual led lights

Impex store features are:

◼it comes with a stylish design with 22 pcs LED night lamps.

◼speed of the fan-up to 6 hours and battery life of LED light-up to 90 hours.

◼motor RPM: high speed and with 12-15 hours full charge.

◼2 step speed and light selection alongside with rechargeable battery.

◼ the Fan doesn’t have a two-year warranty card; instead comes up with one year of warranty card from the date of Fan purchased.

it does not have many good features of their products but because of their quality and speed, it is the best table fans in India.

Some of its components are:

Power sourceSolar-powered & battery powered
Included componentsTable fan User manual Warranty card
Mounting typeTabletop
StyleBreeze D1
ColourBlack with little white
Number of speeds2-speed buttons
Number of blades3 aerodynamic blades


Rylan fans store is a brand that doesn’t focus on many products; instead, it only deals with fewer products but many designs and patterns under one item.

Rylan mostly sells:

LED lights

Table fans 

Ceiling fans 

Rylan fans have a stand with the table fan, which gives convenience to their customers and gains brand trust.

Rylan fans are basically the best tabletop fans in India to consider because they have a stand to make the fan comfortable, so they hold the 8th position in the list of best table fans in India.


Rylan stores features are:

◼ it’s a 2 in 1 table fan; it comes up with the ability to work in AC and DC events when the electricity is unavailable.

◼can be charged using solar panels also. So there is no need for electricity while setting this table fan.

◼it is with high speed of light and is 21 LED with low and high brightness as per needs, the button for both mornings and Fan comes up with two different buttons and can be used at once.

◼light can be used for 8 hours, and Fan can be in use for 4 hours continuously.

◼this Fan can be carried easily and can be molded easily.

◼as this is a rechargeable fan charging cable is included in the box alongside the fan set.

◼there is also a new update where it comes with an extra battery backup of 8 hours. And one can also charge their mobile with it as it comes with a micro USB cable.

these fans are best high-speed table fans in India 2020 so it is the best table fans in India.

Some of its components are:

Power sourceSolar power based and also battery powered
Included componentTable fan
Mounting typeFlush mounting type
ColourAll colors are present
ControllerButton type
Number of speed3
Wattage1.88 watts


Baltra is a company running for many years and it mainly sells home appliances its main products to sell are:

Mixer grinder


Cooker, etc.

Baltra fans are also good, but the company has failed to establish and provide the services they promised and so that’s why Baltra is facing serious issues nowadays.

Its table fans are good and well-performing so one can consider buying these fans.

Baltra fans were once considered as most powerful table fans, so Baltra is a good option to choose the best table fans in India.


Baltra stores features are:

◼baltra fans are more promising and good in quality.

◼these fans come with a motor and blades.

◼these types of fans are new trending fans these are considered savy styles fans.

Some of its components are:

Design of the fanTable fan
Power sourceCorded electric
Recommended useFor travel purposes
Included componentsBlades only
Mounting typeFreestanding


Enamic is a company that is in the business of making and selling interior designing materials. Now it is entering the fans and electric items business, then too itis in the list of best table fans in India because,

Enamic is a united kingdom-based company that only sells materials for the buildings in many other countries.

Talking about the table fans endemic brand is a trustworthy brand. These fans are convenient and more customer-friendly, and there is comfort in use.

enamic fans are the best high-speed fans to consider for.


Enamic fans features are:

◼these fans are high air providing fans and are usable for both indoor and outdoor.

◼It comes up with a high copper motor that is specially made for Indian conditions.

◼it has a longer life and doesn’t get spoiled easily, these fans have aerodynamic blades with them that are reliable for all customers.

◼it has an elegant high speed and more attractive designs.

◼it consumes less power, only 48W, voltage around 220, and sweep around 200mm.

◼motor is specially designed for Indian weather and conditions.

Its components are:

Included componentsFans blade
BrandEnamic UK
Mounting typeFreestanding
Number of blades4


11. USHA Colossus Rust Free Fan [one of the best selling on amazon]

This is a USHA company fan who is in top-selling in the list of best table fans in India and also tops the list of best selling table fans.

About Usha company is mentioned above in the first fan, all its features, and components about products.

Usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan

These are just features and components about this fan particularly.

Features of this fan are:

◼Corrosion resistance aluminum fan, this fan is basically the aluminum fan with no rusting of aluminum blades, hence it ensures the long-lasting and more powerful performing fan.

◼the air delivery of this fan is about 92cmm these aluminum blades provide a higher speed than any other normal fan.

◼there are many stunning and more attractive colors present in these types of fans and these are also with a stand to change them from table fan to normal fan.

◼the motor present in this fan is 100% copper motor which ensures there is no short circuit happens.

◼there are a total of 3-speed settings as per your needs to modify those and feel for convenience about these fans.

◼there is basically a uniform oscillation present in these fans and a wide base for greater stability.

Components of these fans are:

Included components1 fan motor 1 guard set Blades Base Assembly pipe
Weight8.1 kg
Warranty2 years
Product dimensions45 x 40 x 130 cm
Power70 W
Total speed settings3

these are all the best table fans in India that are best for summer use, these are the best table fans in India but also the best table fans withstand.

now currently these best table fans in India are under sale and are available at very low prices.


most of these fans are the best table fan in India under 2000.

after considering these best table fans in India you can check.

so these are the top 10 table fans in India and also the best table fans in India.

The most selling table fans are with charging ability. Rechargeable fans are most selling and are with the stand, which is an integral part of the fan, making it more convenient for customers.

these companies are also having the best table fan small in size.

In final words, table fans choosing between these is a fine idea, and many other types are available.

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