Top 11 Best Sofa Brands In India, 2022

This blog is about the best sofa brands in India (2022).

Without a sofa, the living room can feel dull, boring, and unfinished. so to buy the sofas you have to first know about the best sofa brands in India. It is difficult to find the right brand and choose one sofa brand in the market. This will give you a better idea of companies and sofas.

 A sofa is a missing piece in your living room or dining area. A sofa is indispensable. A long, comfortable, and supportive seat with a back and arms.A sofa that two to three people can use. The most commonly used piece of furniture in most homes is the sofa. A sofa set is a set that includes 2 or 3 sofas, with 1 being a one-seater sofa and the other having 3 seating. Below are some of the most well-known brands of sofas and these are also top furniture brands in India 2022.

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below are the best sofa brands in India to consider for but first, have a look at types of sofas.

These are just a few types of sofas you should consider.

1.Recliner sofa

These sofas are the most expensive. These sofas look like an armchair and recline when the owner lowers the back and raises the front. Recliners are the most popular sofas sold by any company, but it is highly recommended by many people.

2. Two Seater sofa:

These sofas are designed for two people. These sofas are designed to allow for better communication between two people. These sofas are most often used by small families, and not by joint families.

3. Three-seater sofas

These sofas can be purchased by families that have more people. These sofas can be used by two to three people at once for a conversation.

4. Sectional sofa

Sofas or sectional couches are available in many styles. This is a very common type of seating that can be found in living rooms or dens. Sectionals are made of multiple pieces that can be arranged in a variety of ways. Sectionals can be set up in many different ways than a traditional sofa. Because of their l-shaped design, these sofas are often called “l-shaped” and are popular with groups of friends who want to chat. these are the top sofa fabric brands in India.

These are the top 10 & best sofa brands in India (2022):

the top sofa brands in India are:

1. Urban Ladder

2. RoyalOak

3. Wipro Furniture

4. Durain

5. FunitureWala

6. wooden street sofa

7. Couch Potato

8. Hometown


10. FAB India

11. Ivory Sofas

These companies are also the top furniture brands in India 2022

1. Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder Home Decor Solutions (CEO Ashish Goel) was founded in July 2012 by Rajiv Srivatsa and Rajiv Srivatsa. Ashish Goel was previously employed by McKinsey & Company. He also served as CEO of Amar Chitra Katha. Rajiv Srivatsa was previously employed by yahoo and cognizant before co-founding Urban Ladder.

The urban ladder is one of the best sofa brands in India because it has a variety of products under them.

Urban Ladder offers both an online and offline distribution model. All products are delivered and installed by the company. The company has its products listed on Amazon and Flipkart.

The urban ladder has got some amazing and best sofa set designs.

Urban Ladder continues to create and launch new collections such as the Malabar, Eleanor & Louise, and the Fujiwara range.

Urban Ladder collaborates with other designers in addition to its own collections and consultations. Urban Ladder Design Network offers 3D rendered models of its products to external designers.

Partner designers receive priority inventory blocking and a commission when Urban Ladder designs are chosen by their clients. Urban Ladder currently has more than 600 design firms that work with them as part of The Urban Ladder Design Network. This number is growing every month.

the urban ladder is having one of the most expensive sofas.

About the Urban ladder sofa,

Product dimensionsLength- 47 inches Width- 25 inches Height- 24.4 inches
Primary materialWood, mango wood,
Secondary materialCotton fabric
ColourGrey in color
AssemblyNot required
Warranty3 years
best sofa brands in India


Royal Oak, a well-established company with 120+ outlets across India, is a trusted brand. They have served over 2 million customers, whom they call their 2 million happy families. It is the only company to sell one piece of furniture every 2 minutes. They are regarded as one of the most innovative retail pre-manufactured furniture selling businesses.

royal oak is the people’s second preference to buy the sofas, so they are in the second position in best sofa brands in India.

Royal Oak offers a wide range of products. There are over 10000+ options to choose from, so customers have an amazing shopping experience. Royal Oak also offers products and designs from other countries, including the United States, Turkey, Europe, Malaysian and European. The popularity of Royal Oak is evident by the fact that they have more than 50000+ customers who visit them online and in-person. Royaloak delivers its products to more than 300 cities in the country.

There are many popular products made from royal oak. Royal oak has got the best sofa set design that’s why they are the best sofa brands in India.

Sofas, recliners and entertainment units, center tables, shoe racks. Beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, side tables. Crockery units. Study tables. Modular kitchens. Wall art.

About Royaloak sofas,

Item weight3.5 kgs
MaterialSoft fabric
FrameWood material
DesignMalaysian design
Product dimensionL-36 inches W- 29 inches H- 38 inches
WarrantyNot available



Wipro is a quality chasing company that believes in giving the best quality sofas to their customers so they are in the third position in best sofa brands in India.

Wipro furniture’s philosophy of innovation and design has enabled them to create a complete product line for office furniture, home furniture, and education purposes. Wipro furniture is most proud of the work they have done at TATA motors [Mumbai], Deloitte[gurgoan], EY[Trivandum], IIM[Bangalore], Deshpande Hall[Nagpur]. Etc.

Wipro furniture sells many interior design products. Most of these sofas are well-known for their simple design. These sofas are more comfortable due to the double cushioning underneath.

these sofas are basically the typical Indian sofa set.

About Wipro sofas,

Product dimensionL- 182 cm W- 83 cm H- 78 cm
FrameSolid pine wood frame
Warranty1 year
AssemblyBasic assembly is required and one has to do it himself.

4. Durain

 Durian: We offer a variety of leather and leatherette sofas that come with a 5-year warranty. Your living room will be furnished in style. Everything you need for interior design in your home, office, or commercial building is available from durian. it has got some really best sofa set design for living room.

Here are some of the sofas you should be paying attention to:

Leather sofas

Leatherette Sofas

Fabric sofas

Reclining Sofas

L-shaped Sofas

Sofa Cum Beds

Three-Seater Sofas

Two-Seater Sofas

durain are having a very high range of sofas as mentioned above so they are in the list of best sofa brands in India.

About Durain sofas,

Product dimensionL- 85 inches H- 37 inches W- 40 inches
Primary materialLeather
AssemblyRequired but provided by seller
Warranty5 years

Durain’s Leatherette Sofas

5. furniture wala

Furniturewalla FW is your best source for sofa sets, luxury furniture, and home decor. The sofa is the focal point of a drawing-room and should be supported by all pieces. Choose from classic, elegant, modern, clean-lined, or elegant styles and show your Furniturewalla couch set.

Modular or sectional sofas allow for more flexibility in the use of space and can be easily reconfigured to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of configurations depending on the space you have. Shop our luxury furniture in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Browse our selections in Fabric, Leather, or Faux leather to transform your home.

There are many good patterns and designs available for furniture wala sofas. The most elegant design or type of sofa is the Juliette, sthephene, and lunar fabric sofa sets.

Juliette fabric sofa set design is the “latest and best sofa set design” and also trending sofa set design.

furniture wala sofas are considered as best sofa brands in India because they are famous for their high technology sofas.

About furniture wala sofas,

Product dimensionL- 76 inches W- 29 inches H- 30 inches
ColourBlue and grey color
Warranty3 years
MaterialSoft cotton

6. Wooden street sofas

Wooden street is a Bangalore-based company launched in June 2015 in some of the local streets of Bangalore.

Now it is serving around 1500 daily visitors in its showrooms and 10000+ visitors a day online. It has sold around 5000+ products. There are around 12 stores around the country. It has direct deliveries in more than 100 cities in the country. They have a team size of more than 300 people working

Wooden street sells not only sofas but also many products like:
Many other types of sofas
Dining things etc.

wooden street sofas are on the list of best sofa brands in India cause they are the first in serving the best family sofas.

Coming to sofas, it has around many types of it :
Fabric sofa
Leather sofa
3 and 2 seater sofas
Bed type of sofa [bed fabric sofas ]
Recliners, etc.
It delivers its products around any countries but majorly are :
Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Faridabad, etc . and many other cities beyond 100 in the count.

About wooden street sofas,

Product dimensionL- 72 inches H- 22 inches W- 29.5 inches
ColourDark brown
Set of items3+1+1=5 in total 3 seater sofa and 2 one seater sofas
WarrantyNot available

7. Couch Potato

The couch potato believes your couch is your home’s domain and should therefore be used well so they are on the list of best sofa brands in India.

Your personalized purchase can be made in an area of 5000+ square feet. New Delhi, a showroom where you can also test and buy.
couch potato offers many types of sofas, namely
Leather sofas
Sofas in fabric
Also, a sofa cum bed for those with disabilities.

couch potato is one of the best couch brands.

Couch potato doesn’t offer many products, so they specialize in selling sofas. Many good companies don’t offer free delivery services to their customers, but couch potato offers it.

About couch potato sofas,

ColourDark blue
Warranty2 years
FabricSoft cotton
Set of items3+1+1=5 in total 3 seaters one sofa and 2 one seater sofas

8. Hometown

Hometown sells its sofas at a discount price. You can order a sofa online at the official site of your hometown and receive the best coupons and discounts.

There are many options for sofas. First, determine your budget and then choose the most suitable sofa from your local store.

hometown is having one of the high-quality sofa brands.

Hometown has the best selection of sofas and other varieties.

Sectional sofa

Single sofa chair

Four seater sofas

Three-seater sofa

Two-seater sofa

L-shaped sofa

The sofas can be matched to the furniture in your home and provide a great view of your house.

Sofas aren’t just for decorating your home, there are also sofas that can be used in your office or any other area.

Sofas for offices

Corner sofas

Sofa chairs for customers

Hometown assures its customers that they can purchase a sofa at a reasonable price. They also get great value for money. Price is the most important thing when buying a sofa. This is not a problem as you can find the best sofas for your needs at affordable prices.

Hometown’s customers can shop online for sofas without having to go to a store.

Hometown sells more than just sofas. They also offer other products such as:


Products for the home

Home decor items



hometowns are having not only a high range of sofas but also they are having a high range of all furniture products, so they are on the list of best sofa brands in India.

About hometown sofas,

ColourSky blue
StyleModern style
Seating5 seating
Product dimensionsH- 100 inches W-64 inches


Evok was established in the furniture-selling market many years ago. It has enjoyed a loyal customer base.

evok sofa brand is in the list of best sofa brands in India because they are having one of the high-quality sofa brands than other brands.

evok sofas are also considered as one of the best sleek sofas.

Evok’s success factors include a deep understanding of trade behavior, distribution network, and customer care. This has allowed them to grow tremendously in this highly competitive furniture selling market.

Many national brand stores serve customers under the brand name “EVOK HOME WITH SOUL”.

Evok, like any other company, has many products. There are over 20000+ products available for customers to choose from. Customers can order their products online if they are able to provide high-quality products. They offer free delivery and a 14-day return policy.

Evok has a strong partnership and link with builders, architects, and interior designers as well as corporates.

Evok offers the best sofas in India, made with high-quality materials such as:

Sofas in fabric

Leather sofas

Sofas with bonded leather

Synthetic microfiber sofa

Evok brings you the most glamorous sofa designs

About Evok sofas,

Product dimensionsL- 234 cm W- 95 cm H- 90 cm
Primary materialArt leather and leatherette
ColourDark brown
Seating capacityThree seating 
AssemblyRequired but will be provided by seller
Warranty1 year

10. FAB India

Fab India is a company selling furniture both online and offline they are having many types of furniture items and most likely are sofas.

FAB India are having sofas like

1 seater

2 seater


a family sofa

with every month a new addition happening to their collections of sofas they are actually growing more in the furniture selling industry and are becoming a high sofa selling brand.

FAB India does not only has sofas in fact they have many other products like clothes, other furniture items, beauty items, decorating items, etc.

fab India also has some of the best sofa brands in India and they are also having some of the cheap sofa sets in customers’ price.

About Fab India sofas,

Product dimensionsL- 150cm W- 66 cm H- 71 cm
Primary materialWood
Sofa material Cotton
Seating capacity2 seats
AssemblyNot required


11. Ivory Homes

ivory homes is a company serving many people and enjoying a happy customer base every time. Ivory is also one of the best sofa brands in India. you can also consider this brand as one of the top 10 sofa brands in India.

ivory homes have around 70+ communities, 100+ home designs, 45+ model homes to choose from these are the number of designs and furniture items are available by ivory homes to give their customer a big number of options to select for and make the best decision out of it.

They not only sell sofas but all types of furniture items and provide the best interior designing services. They are very expert in giving the normal kitchen a modular look and making it more attractive and exploring all the time a person visits a kitchen.

it has some of the good options to look out for so it is considered to have the best quality sofa brand in India.

About ivory sofas,

Product dimensions635 x 63.5 x 127 cm
Weight25 kilograms
Manufactured byCarry bird
Total components5
ComfortWith ultra comfort
Warranty1 year


Regarding the best quality sofa brands in India

which is the best sofa brand in India?

These are the top 5 sofa brands in India

1. Urban Ladder

2. RoyalOak

3. Wipro Furniture

4. Durain

5. FunitureWala

Which type of sofa is best for a home in India?

Most people in India prefer buying are

cotton sofas

linen sofas

silk fabric sofa

and the new ones are leather sofas.

Which sofas last the longest?

sofas present with wooden arms and legs last the long and fabric should be textile or leather fabric,

according to my best knowledge.

Are leatherette sofas good?

these sofas are the best if you handle them with care because they are durable and the best in the material to which has become the first choice of everyone wanting to buy sofas.

Which fabric is best for sofa covers?

most of the top-selling sofa covers are of these materials,




latex backed



these are the best quality sofa brands in India and the top 5 sofa brands in India are the most promising ones.

there is also a new type of sofas coming every year with new and trendy technology like corduroy sofa.

there are also new sofas are coming like Bluetooth sofa which is sold by most of these companies mentioned above.

nowadays the most selling sofas are the sleek sofa set, which is available in these best sofa brands in India mentioned above.

sofas should always be a compliment to tiles of the house or the other way around, so if you want to know about the best tile manufacturers in India then check out this link below

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