5 Best Office Chairs in India for work from Home Under 10000

This blog is about the best office chairs in India and their features with the links to buy them from amazon.

The chair is another basic type of furniture which everyone has a practice of having in their house.

best office chairs in india

Chairs are sofa without cushions and are also present with cushions, but mostly sold are without cushions. A chair with 4 legs and a back seat and with arms are the ones which are mostly relaxing and release all our stress and make us feel free and comfortable.

Chairs are of different types, ones with armrests, which are very popular to buy. There are also chairs present without armrests even they are considered good but not as relaxing as what we feel in chairs present with armrests.

Office chairs in our house or the office give totally a royal and an attractive look to our office space or even living room and also a big dining hall can be looked at by arranging chairs. so below are the all types of best office chairs in India.

Chairs always complement sofas so check out the best sofa brands in India.

There are many types of designs available for the best office chairs in India:    

  1. Seat height
  2. Reclining angle
  3. Back and head support
  4. Padding
  5. Armrests
  6. Seat size and leg room

There are many types of best chairs in India like

  1. Office chair
  2. Dining room chair
  3. Work chair
  4. Rocking chair
  5. Kneeling chair

What are office chairs? and points to consider before purchasing office chairs:

Office chairs are the chairs that are the most important type of furniture for commercial building owners. Chairs should be more comfortable than what employees aspire off. If you want to make your employee feel more comfortable and don’t panic about their work, then it must be a more relaxing chair and be more stress releaser. It should also have armrests that support their hands and be fully confident in their work.

Main Points to consider before purchasing the best office chairs in India:

◼ Office chairs should be more lifting and height adjusting for a person to feel comfortable. It should also be 360 degrees rotating.

◼ There should also be a guarantee push-back which makes their back more relaxing.

◼ office chairs should have revolving and adjustable features which releases their tension and also releases their anxiety.

These are the Best office chair brands and top 5 best office chairs in India:

1. SIHOO High Back Home Office Chair
2. INNOWIN JAZZ High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair
3. Green Soul registered Seoul Mid Back Office Chair
4. CELLBELL C100 registered Mesh high back office chair [Desk chair]
5. Amazon Solimo Trance High Back Mesh Office Chair

These are the best office chair under 10000, which are the best chairs for back and neck support:

  1. SIHOO High Back Home Office Chair

SIHOO home office chair is a high ergonomic mesh back desk chair which is with a high adjustable armrest and high lumbar support for office study.

SIHOO has a high variety of office chairs which is why it’s the top brand selling the best office chairs in India.

The overview of the product

For useOffice or for work from home
ColourDark black
BackrestDouble backrests

Features of the product:

Multiple Adjustments: As mentioned this is a high-quality office chair with a high number of adjustments to do as per your needs, there are 5 types of adjustments you can do like adjustable back support, headrest adjustment, there is no step of seating height, tilt adjustments are also available. This is a work from home office chair most suitable for those who need an office chair for a comfortable seating position for a long time.

Breathable Mesh Back: this is a feature that helps you to have the premium quality backrest which is available in mesh fabric with a flexible design. This office chair gives you a cool feeling which eliminates sweating and moisture. To keep the person sitting on it more relaxed.

Well Padded Seat: this is a W-shaped design chair that makes you seat centrally and ensures relaxation. If you require to seat for a long time then there is a waterfall front available in this chair which ensures that pressure on your legs is minimized. There is also a high-density cushion available in this chair ensuring softness and not easily deformed.

High Quality and Easy Assembly: this chair is tested officially with the static pressure test of 1136 kgs, and has fulfilled that testing requirement completely. This chair can take up to 150 kgs of weight on it. Regarding assembly, there are only a few steps to follow which are instructed in the warranty card.

Warranty: there are 3 years of warranty available in this chair, if any quality issue raises or any other issue arises in material or any adjustments then you have access to the warranty card and may replace the chair if needed.

This chair is available with these many features so this chair in the top of the list of best office chairs in India. it is most probably the best business chairs office.

Pros of the product:

◾this is a chair present with backrests, adjustments, waterfall stand as mentioned above so this will be an excellent choice for people searching for office chairs to work from home.

◾it is suitable for 5-6ft of height which is a good option and this will be a very good product for people with much height.

Con’s of the product:

◾as per reviews under this product on amazon the assembly of the product is quite a hectic thing and most people don’t find an easy job to do this.

◾this is a made in china product but it is surely one of the best office chairs in India.

best office chairs in india

2. INNOWIN JAZZ High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair

This is a new INNOWIN highly comfortable back relaxing chair, it’s a mesh ergonomic chair for home and office use mostly used for office purposes or for doing work from home.

This is the best choice for people considering the back relaxing and comfortable chair for work from home which has a smart multi-lock mechanism and 2D lumbar support that’s why this is in the second position in the list of best office chairs in India. it is one of the best ergonomic office chairs on an affordable budget.

The overview of the product:

For useOffice purposes
Furniture typeSwivel
ColourDark black
Lumbar support2D lumbar support

Features of the product:

INNOWIN has so many good features so it sells most of the best office chairs in India.

Adjustments: good heavy nylon adjustable arms with 2D lumbar support and pneumatic seat height adjustments. The seat is molded with 45 densities in it.

Material: glass filled with nylon structure with usable and breathable mesh.

Weight: this is a powerful chair and can take around 125 kgs on it and this chair is off 17 kgs.

Assembly: this chair requires easy assembly and DIY can be done as instructed in its warranty card.

Warranty: it comes up with 1 year of warranty card for any manufactured defects.

Pros of the product:

◾ It is a good option for people with much height like around 5ft-5ft 8 inches.

◾this product is a made-in-India product.

◾this product is with a high level of mechanism with the multi-lock smart mechanism.

◾this best office chair in India is sold by a best seller on amazon so they also give the warranty for every small thing even for a small screw defect.

Con’s of the product:

◾there is no tilt adjustment available in it.

◾there is only a single backrest available which is a disadvantage in this chair.

It is the best ergonomic office chair in India

3. Green Soul registered Seoul Mid Back Office Chair

This is a work-from-home office chair in breathable mesh and is also available in many different types of chairs.

Sold by green soul store and they are having many different types of office chairs which are better for work from home and make the person sitting on them feel more comfortable and relaxing.

The green soul is the best chairs company to purchase any type of chair from this is a company providing one of the best office chairs in India.

there is a good discount running on in this chair so it is the best cheap ergonomic chair.

The overview of the product:

For useOffice purposes and also for work from home
Furniture typeSwivel
ColourBold grey [also available in many other colors]
Back styleSolid back
MaterialOther material
BaseMetal base

Features of the product:

Weight: this chair is about 11 kgs in weight and can take up to 90 kgs of weight on it.

Material: this chair is a breathable mesh back chair with thick molded foam of seat with nice quality fabric material.

Comfort: this chair keeps your body in the shape of sitting on it and it ensures that it eliminates the excess of heat and builds up moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.

Adjustment: this chair doesn’t have many types of adjustments that other chairs mentioned above have, this chair only has a tilt adjustment which improves relaxation and there is also push and pull adjustment available. There is another type of adjustment available known as height adjustment which makes it easier to raise and lower the seat.

Armrests: nice armrests are present not giving relaxation to our arms to the fullest but a nice product to consider for, that’s why it’s in the third position in the list of best office chairs in India.

Pros of the product:

this is a made-in-India product and is easy to shift from one place to another.

◾this product is an in-budget product and this chair is not too costly, so everyone can afford it.

◾this home office chair is present with many different types of colors and designs as mentioned above so one can make a choice out of it.

it is one of the best chairs for computer work and also the best ergonomic computer chair.

Green Soul also sells the highest number of best office chairs in India.

Con’s of the product:

◾one of the major disadvantages of this product is it is not present with types of adjustments and there is only height and tilt adjustment available.

◾As of now there is no warranty available on this product. [if they include the warranty in this product then you can check out this link https://greensoul.online/pages/warranty-policy]

◾Armrests: armrests are there but there are not many relaxing armrests available, those are not up to the mark what is present in the above listings.

4. CELLBELL C100 registered Mesh high back office chair [Desk chair]

CELLBELL is a verified company from amazon this is a company selling all types of chairs needed for every type of space given.

These chairs give the best type of comfort for every sitting position on it because this is a C100 ergonomic type of chair.

it is of good quality and the best cheap ergonomic office chair. that’s why it is one of the best office chairs in India.

This company is the biggest dealers of chairs like:

Gaming chairs

Office chairs

Normal chairs

Plastic chairs with all other types of chairs.

This chair is on the list of best office chairs in India because these can be used for many purposes like one chair can be used for office, gaming, computer chair, etc.

 The overview of the product

Furniture typeSwivel
ColourPure black
Back styleWing back
Cushion typeFull soft

Features of the product:

Seat and Base type: this chair is with 2-inch thick foam cushion padded seat which is best for long hours of sitting on it that’s why it is one of the best office chairs for work from home.

Weight: this chair can take up to 105 kilograms of weight on it which is quite a high number.

Adjustments: this chair is with the pneumatic hydraulic type of adjustment with 4-inch seat height adjustment also. Breathable chair mesh back type of adjustment is also available in this chair. Lumbar adjustment is more relaxing as you can make it go upward and downward.

Armrests: this chair is present with a good type of armrests with buttons to control these armrests.

Warranty: this CELLBELL chair is coming up with 12 months of warranty, if you have any type of manufactured defects then you can replace it in the time period of 1 year.

Assembly: it’s a do-it-yourself type of assembly but it’s not completely on you to do the assembly of the product it comes up with instructions to do this assembly without any problem.

Pros of the product:

◾this chair is suitable for 5ft to 6ft of height and also much suitable for any person with a height of more than 6 ft.

◾it comes up with BIFMA certification which approves the best quality of the product. so you can consider this as best office chairs in India.

◾this chair is with many types of adjustments which is the main outlook of the product which many people get attracted to as mentioned above in the features of the product.

Cons of the product:

◾assembly if not done by the seller and it’s a quite hectic thing. [written in the review section of this product]

◾there is no 2D lumbar support present, there is only a single type of lumbar adjustment is available.

5. Amazon Solimo Trance High Back Mesh Office Chair

Amazon’s solimo brand is a brand selling many furniture items just not only best office chairs in India it also sells many products like

Bean bags

Office chairs

Gaming chairs

Water bottle

Knife and also many other home appliances.

it has much variety of chairs which you can see on amazon’s official site and can choose the best office chairs in India accordingly.

The overview of the product

Furniture typeSwivel
Frame materialMetal
Foam materialFabric
Back styleHigh back

Features of the product

◾Weight: it can take up to 150 kilograms of weight on it and it is 15000 grams of weight.

◾Legs: it is a 5 legged best nylon chair which has increased stability and it is also the best-performing mesh back office chair.

◾Adjustments: it has 2D adjustable arms with tilt mechanism and very flexible and adjustable lumbar support.

◾Warranty: it has a very long 3 years of warranty available.

◾Assembly: it is easy to assemble and it is a doing it yourself type of assembly that is easy to do and has an instruction card on how to assemble the chair. so it is the best office chairs in India.

Pros of the product

◾it is very easy to handle and also very easy to shift it from one place to another

◾it is best suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor purposes

◾it has a very high warranty period of 3 years which is enough for any office chair.

Cons of the product

◾it doesn’t have many types of adjustments what other chairs have mentioned above.

◾it is mainly for adult purposes and not for kids because it doesn’t have adjustments that a kid can adjust to

Final words :

these best office chairs in India are also the best value ergonomic chair, which gives value to the money invested.

In considering to buying an office chair one should keep in mind the metal used in it and the quality of the seat from and other points which are mentioned above.

the above-mentioned chairs are the best office chairs in India but these chairs can also be used at home and for any gaming purposes rather than buying a gaming chair one can consider these and make the best use of these chairs.

best office chairs in India can also be known as best home office chairs in India as mentioned above these office chairs can be used at home for work from home propose and it also deliver the comforts to the core.

To consider some more other best office chairs in India you can check amazon’s page on Amazon.in.

There are also many sites selling the best office chairs in India online which are also good ones to choose from.

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