Best Mattress Brands in India, 2022

Introduction about the best mattress brands in India

Good sleep is one of the major factors to kick start our day in a nice mood but what if you haven’t had the type of night you wanted.

You will feel sleepy and tired the whole day because of sleep, and the reason for poor sleep can be a bad mattress, if that’s the case you need to change your mattress as soon as possible.

Mattresses are one of the prior things of our sleep, Enjoying sleeping on the bed depends on the mattresses we use.

So you need to check and choose the perfect type of mattress needed according to your requirement so you don’t choose up the wrong option, there are actually many types of mattress to use and also of different-different companies, so you may get confused.

To choose wisely and the best mattress, you need to refer to all the companies mentioned below and the different types of mattresses mentioned.

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These are the Top mattress brands in India:

Name of the brandsType of mattressesPrice
Wakefit mattressMemory foam mattress10,508
Pepperfry mattressOrthopedic Memory foam mattress9,039
SleepX mattressDual foam soft mattress7,159
Sleepyhead mattressDual foam and high-density mattress7,999
Duroflex mattressMemory foam mattress with high density10,604
Insleep mattressmemory foam and HR foam orthopedic mattress9,977
Sleepwell mattressmemory foam mattress7,202
SleepCat mattressorthopedic memory foam mattress14,016

But before we start about the best companies to choose from, we will keep an eye on the types of mattresses available and which suits them the best.

Types of mattress are:

Coir Mattresses

Coir mattresses are the ones that are among the softest mattresses in India, because of the fiber and the latex present. These both make the mattress more comfortable and more dense and firm so that the person sitting on it doesn’t get stressed and feel more comfortable.

This mattress is not more bouncy and is very relevant for people with back problems since it is resilient and supports spine alignment.


These mattresses are made up of coconut fiber as mentioned which makes them more suitable. These are perfect for beds that are not on a fully flat surface.

The coconut fiber used in it makes it more comfortable as well as more advantageous because it keeps the temperature in control and there is proper ventilation in it,


but the only disadvantage of this mattress is that this mattress is not overall soft as how other mattresses are, the people willing to sleep on a full soft mattress would not prefer this one.

2. Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam was widely used to make helmets and shoes, it was first discovered for NASA scientists to enter the Earth’s atmosphere more comfortably.

It is made up of layers and springs which are covered with foam that’s why it takes its original shape after the pressure on it is released. It has many small pockets that take the shape of the person’s body sitting on it

Memory foam mattresses are majorly liked by many people because it rapidly changes their shape as soon as their pressure is removed, it is made up of a substance that is softer and more reliable for many users.

This mattress is widely used and people’s favorite as it gives the supreme support needed


This mattress is best known for removing joint pain, back pain, neck pain, and any other types of pains as it is movement resistant and more importantly it does not require Maintainance and it is dust resistant and there are no allergies formed because of memory foam.


It does not have many disadvantages but the only thing people have a concern about is heavy to shift it, but if you use it in a fixed place then this will be the better choice and it is also the heat resistance so it is not useful for the people sweating continuously.

3. Spring Mattress

These are the mattresses most selling in the market.

These mattresses are well suitable for:


Senior citizens


As the name of the mattress itself says that this is a spring mattress, the main thing in this mattress is it is built of some metal springs or coils, these mattresses are more firm in nature and don’t easily adjust to the body. The coils in these mattresses are covered by foam.

This mattress has a metal spring which makes it more bouncy that’s why this type of mattress has ruled the mattress market.

There are also different types of spring mattress coil available, some of them are:

Pocket coils

Bonnell coils

Continuous coils


Offset coils


These mattresses are mostly liked by the people who want a better mattress at a cheap price and are easily available and its use because of its better circulation of our body heat.

These mattresses also have more support and comfort which provides more stability to the mattress and these are also easy to clean types of mattresses.


The coils in this can lose support easily after some years and it also gets compressed according to the reviews of this mattress on online shopping platforms.

These mattresses are not motion resistant also and these are not preferable for those people having pain in their bodies.

4.Latex Mattress

These mattresses are making the best sales nowadays in markets as these are eco-friendly and are made up of natural ingredients like the sap of rubber trees and these are also very comfortable for which currently these are selling at a higher rate.

There are also different types of latex present like:

Natural latex

Synthetic latex

Dunlop latex and also some other types.


These mattresses are very durable and comfortable to sleep. These mattresses are naturally dust and stain resistant and doest the spine alignment while sleeping. These mattresses are also providing relief to all the joint pains of the body. There are also


The only concern people have before purchasing the latex mattress is its cost and weight. These mattresses are made up of pure latex and also require high manual power. These are also not easy to clean.

These are also not suitable for people having allergies as these mattresses are not non-allergenic mattresses.

5. Orthopedic mattress

Orthopedic mattresses are made by tailors and specially designed for orthopedic problems.

These mattresses are designed for people having issues and physically challenged people.

If anyone is physically challenged and the normal mattress doesn’t suit them then this will be a great choice for them.

Best mattress in India which are the top indian mattress brands:

1. Wakefit memory foam mattress

best mattress brands in india

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Wakefit is a growing brand in India, it has occupied s a high market share in these recent years because it has some of the best and unique types of mattresses.

Wakefit now becomes a known brand and it has now many people trust this brand and make a purchase out of their listings. Wakefit has some best mattress for sleeping with different types of materials and shapes.

About wake fit mattress:

◾this is a mattress of queen size of 6 inches its total size is are 78x60x6 and the total dimension is 198.1L x 152.4W x 15.2T centimeters.

◾Its construction type is of foam which is very soft and ensures that the person sleeping on it gets a much good sleep and feels relaxed.

◾the total weight of the product is 18.92 grams.

◾the material of the mattress is built with next-generation foam and 7 pressure zone foam with high resilience foam and the overall cover material is breathable premium fabric.

◾warranty of this mattress is quite high which is about 10 years.

Pro’s and Cons

This is the best mattress for adults and senior citizensAs this is the best mattress for adults but not beneficial for children, so people having children won’t consider this mattress.
It can easily be machine washed.The weight of the product is quite high as it is 18.92 kilograms which is not easy to shift from one place to another.
Warranty of the product is the biggest advantage as it is with 10 years of warranty. 

2. Pepperfry orthopedic memory foam mattress

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Pepperfry is an online product selling website, this is a website that almost sells all the products except groceries. This website is identical to amazon and Flipkart.

Pepperfry is a trusted website which most people buy products, but the below-mentioned mattress is a mattress from amazon sold by Pepperfry.

About Pepperfry mattress:

◾this is a memory foam and HR foam mattress, basically, this mattress is built with 2 types of foam which makes it more comfortable and sustainable.

◾this is a queen-size mattress and the total dimension of this mattress is 78×60.

◾the weight of this mattress in total is exact 27 kilograms.

◾there is a handle with a care card available with this which shows how to clean and maintain this mattress.

Pros and cons

This is a mattress that is best for spine support and a person feels more relaxed when sleeping on it.You need to handle this website with care as per instructions so it’s not so easy to use.
There is a warranty of 7 years available which is a good amount of time.The item weight is also high which is around 27 kilos.
There is a good amount of comfort layer and there are 2 layers of foam in it. 

3. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

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SleepX is a mattress company selling high-quality mattresses and at a cheap price. This is not a brand that sells its products at a high price.

So you can choose to buy from sleepX the mattress. They also have many types of mattresses under them and not only a single type, of which one is listed below.

About SleepX mattress:

◾the total size of the mattress is 72x48x6 which is just like another queen-size mattress.

◾this is a dual comfort mattress because it is a high-density mattress with dual foam.

◾the total weight of the mattress is around 10.5 kg which is not a high weight to shift from one place to another.

◾there is a high resilience foam for more pressure release and provides good comfort.

◾there is a total of 7 years of warranty available in this mattress.

Pros and cons

This mattress is not of much weight and it’s easy to carry anywhere.This mattress is also suitable for adults and not for children so the family having children should not buy this mattress.
The price of the mattress is also low as it is just RS 7159.There is no removable cover with it as the mattress is the only thing you get.
Easy to wash and clean, as the weight is not much so it’s not a hectic job to do. 

4. Sleepyhead mattress

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Sleepyhead mattress is a mattress with high density and dual foam with firm and soft sides which makes it more comfortable and more attractive for the consumers.

Sleepyhead has many types of mattress and all mattresses are available in every type of size as per what consumers needs.

These mattresses you can check on amazon or Flipkart ar on their official website.

About Sleepyhead Flip mattress:

◾the total size of the mattress is about 72x60x5 and the total dimension of the mattress is 182.8l x 152.4W x 12.7T

◾the total warranty of the mattress is about 5 years from the purchase made.

◾there is a total number of 100-night trials available which is the best part of the mattress.

◾the whole mattress is built with foam which is basically known as foam construction mattress.

Pros and cons

There is a 100-day trial available in which you can check and then make a decision of buying it.This mattress is best suitable for adults and not much better for children.
This is not a high-weighted mattress and you can easily shift from one place to another. 

5. Duroflex LiveIn Matress

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Duroflex is also an upcoming brand that is selling mattresses all over India and gaining a high amount of trust and loyalty from its customers. It is one of the leading brands in selling the best mattresses in India and all that at an affordable price.

Duroflex has many types of mattresses with different types of colors and patterns as per customers’ needs.

This is a memory foam mattress by Duroflex.

About the duroflex mattress:

◾this is a memory foam mattress with high power of pressure-relieving and providing comfort.

◾the total weight of the mattress is around 15600 grams which are of medium weight and not much heavy to carry.

◾the total product dimensions are 182.8 x 121.9 x 15.2 cms.

◾the warranty of this product is 10 years, which is a high number and the quality is also trustworthy.

◾the firmness of the mattress is very good and it is a high-density foam constructed mattress.

Pros and cons

The fabric of the mattress is anti-microbial which is an advantage of this mattress.The weight of the mattress can be a concern because most of the mattresses are just 10 to 15 kgs but this mattress is above 15kgs.
The warranty of this product is also 10 years which is a high amount of timeThis mattress is best suitable for adults and not for children.

6. Insleep Orthopedic Mattress

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Insleep mattresses are not much high in variety and sizes but it has some of the best mattresses in India which most people like and make a purchase from them.

About Insleep mattress:

◾the total dimension of the mattress is 190.5 x 106.68 x 15.24 cms in size.

◾the total mattress is about 12 kgs and it’s easy to shift from one place to another.

◾the warranty of this mattress is around 10 years which is quite a high number in terms of the warranty.

◾this mattress is built with 2 types of foam which are memory foam and HR foam.

◾the fabric of the mattress is basically an anti-bacterial fabric that doesn’t catch dust easily and is easy to clean.

Pros and cons

There are 10 years of warranty availableThere is a return policy available but only if it’s defective, you cant return if there are any comfort issues.
The fabric of the mattress is anti-bacterial which don’t catch up dust easily and it’s easy to cleanIt gets totally spoiled if any liquid spills on it.

7. Sleepwell mattress

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Sleepwell is a mattress company selling some good quality mattresses online and also on their official website.

This is one of the best mattresses in India because of its high-density foam and its double-size mattress which is best for couples.

About Sleepwell mattress:

◾the total size of the mattress is around 72x48x5 inches and the dimension of the mattress is 182.88 x 121.92 x 12.7 cms

◾it is king size mattress but double in size which is best for couples and for joint families.

◾the mattress weight is around 5070 grams that’s a very small number and it’s easy to carry, it is one of the best lite weight mattresses.

◾there is no need for any assembly and there is only 1 year of warranty available.

Pros and cons

It is double size yet cheap in priceThere is only 1 year of warranty offered that’s a very less number.
The item weight is very less so it’s easy to carry. 

8. SleepCat Orthopedic Mattress

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This is a mattress from sleep cat a brand selling mattresses on online shopping platforms, this is a 3 layered orthopedic mattress it’s a memory foam mattress with 3 layers covered with high-quality foam.

Feature of SleeCat Mattress:

◾this is a 3 layered mattress, which means the whole mattress is covered by 3 layers of memory foam.

◾the size of the mattress is 78x72x6 inches and the perfect dimensions are 198.1L x 182.9W x 15.2T cms in total.

◾this is a fully firm gel memory foam mattress best for patients.

◾most importantly this is an all-age group mattress, which means this is the best suitable mattress for all.

◾the total item weight is 20 kgs which is quite a heavy number and it’s not easy to shift it.

◾there is a total of 10 years of warranty available.

Pros and cons

The top layer is a 1-inch memory foam that provides spinal support for the body.The item weight is too heavy and it’s not easy to carry or shift from one place to another.
Visco fit fabric is available with a cover zipper at the base which provides more comfort. 
The material of the mattress is machine washable and is easy to clean. 
There is also 30 days easy return policy available which means you can use it for 30 days and return it if you didn’t like it and no questions will be asked, 


After doing much research these above-mentioned mattresses are from the best mattress brands in India. These mattresses are the one among the most selling online and more promising than expected.

Wakefit and Pepperfry mattresses are the ones which are most liked by people and they are having more positive reviews on Amazon.

Always before purchasing you need to consider your requirements and then check on the mattresses which fulfill your requirements and are more relaxing and are also affordable.

Hurray! So you are now totally ready with every knowledge required for you to purchase a mattress at an affordable price on every online shopping platform listed above.

so please check them and buy the best piece which suits your needs.

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