Best kitchen sink brands in India, 2022


Kitchen sinks have become the most important and much-needed items in today’s homes. Kitchen sinks make the work of washing dishes easy and make it more comfortable for the person using them.

Kitchen sinks come within 3 different types of bowls which are single, double, and triple you can choose accordingly as per your needs. It is a type of item which cannot be regularly replaced or be repaired so you have to choose wisely what type of and of which company’s sink suits your space the best.

This blog has the complete details of types of sinks, best companies selling sinks, and some suggestions for the sinks which you can buy online.


Types of kitchen sinks:


These are the types of sinks that are old yet more promising. These sinks don’t get hit by anything thrown on them like plates are anything. It is very durable and always stays healthy as new, it also holds its shine and remains as fresh and new always. It also has the intensity and power to stand in shape even in the kitchen heat and don’t get spoiled easily.


These kitchen sinks are expensive but good in quality, these are expensive because of their high resistance to bear all the scratches. These are the new trending kitchen sinks that give you’re a modern and new look. The only drawback of this sink is it very weighty but it is not a big concern as you have to fix it anywhere in the kitchen.

Stainless steel

This is a kitchen sink which is in the most selling category of sinks. In India, people mostly use these sinks as they are not much heavier and there are 2 types of variety available in these sinks such as:

Lower gauge steel

Higher gauge sink

These sinks have the energy and the power to take up the heat and they also don’t get stained easily.

There are also some other types of kitchen sinks available like:

Extra holes in the sink

Bar sink

Kitchen island sink

Cast iron sink

The top kitchen sink brands in India:

Sink brandWarrantyPriceLink to buy
Crocodile handmade kitchen sink7 years5,199Check out on amazon
 Rhue Stainless Steel kitchen sink 7 years 4,100 Check out on amazon
Zinzer quartz granite kitchen sink5 years5,800Check out on amazon
Torofy stainless steel kitchen sinknot available3,299Check out on amazon
Tantia Stainless steel kitchen sinknot available3,500Check out on amazon

Best kitchen sink brands in India:

Crocodile Handmade Kitchen sink

best kitchen sink brands in india

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This is a handmade kitchen sink one of the best selling on amazon so it is at the top of our list of best kitchen sink brands in India.

Features of this Crocodile Handmade Kitchen Sink

◾the total size of the sink is 21 x 18 x 10 cms and the bowl size is 19 x 16 x 10 cms.

◾this is a Handmade stainless steel sink with a satin finish and silver in color.

◾there are 2 types of installations available like



◾this is a single bowl sink made up of 304-grade stainless steel.

◾the collar thickness is 2mm and the bowl thickness is 1mm and it has a very good satin finish.

Pros and cons

The size of the sink is very good with a good thickness of the bowl also.It is very heavy in size and it doesn’t come in large size
It has very good ratings which are 4.3 out of 5.It might not be very long-lasting as polishing is necessary after some years.
This is a diamond-cut square kitchen sink. 

2. Ruhe Premium Stainless Steel kitchen sink

 2. Ruhe Premium Stainless Steel kitchen sink

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Ruhe premium kitchen sink is a handmade fully matt finish silver color kitchen sink which has some good reviews on Amazon and is high in quality.

Features of Ruhe Premium kitchen sink:

◾the total size of the sink is 24 x 18 x 9 in cms which is a popular and standard size of every kitchen sink.

◾this sink is a high-quality and more long-lasting type of kitchen sink because it is made of 18 gauge premium.

◾this is a stainless steel kitchen sink and it is finished in such a way that it is protected against any corrosion, scratches, and rust.

◾this is a highly durable and handmade kitchen sink.

◾there are soft rubber noise reduction pads with anti-condensation and ceramic undercoating.

◾there is a total of 7 years of warranty available and the total package of this sink comes up with 1 kitchen sink, 1 sink coupling, 1 waste pipe.

◾the bottom of the sink is slightly tilted so that it prevents the water from standing in the bowl.

Pros and cons

This is highly durable and the quality of the sink is tough and smooth.It is not present in a large size and it just has an only a standard size.
It has some noise cancellation pads which prevents noise to go out of the  sink 
There is a new system available for the flow of water and to take care it doesn’t stop. 

3. ZINZER Quartz kitchen sink

 3. ZINZER Quartz kitchen sink

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Zinzer has some good quality high performing kitchen sinks which is why it is considered as one of the best kitchen sink brands in India. It has kitchen sinks like

Quartz sink

Granite sink

Composite sinks, etc.

Zinzer quartz granite kitchen sink is a single bowl matt finish high selling sink. The color of this sink is black which is shining and nicely polished which makes this sink look more classy and attractive.

Features Zinzer quartz kitchen sink:

◾the total size of the sink is 21 x 19 x 8 cms which are of standard size.

◾the material of this sink is natural quartz and acrylic which is considered to be the most used material of kitchen sinks.

◾the style of this sink is more elegant and classic because of its shining and nicely polished black color.

◾there are numerous colors available in these sinks which makes customers have a variety of choices to select from.

◾these sinks are easy to clean and they are resistant to stains and scratches.

◾it has 5 years of warranty and they are heavily thermal proof and don’t catch fire easily.

Pros and cons

Available in many designs and colors which makes many options to buy from.There are only standard sizes available in Zinzer kitchen sinks.
It’s resistant to scratches, stains, and fire. 
It is made up of international quality and doesn’t get spoiled soon. 

4. Torofy Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Torofy stainless steel kitchen sink is a handmade single bowl sink with a nice and fully made satin matt finish with coupling and fruit basket. This is a whole set of the sink,  a fruit basket, and coupling.

Features of Torofy Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink:

◾this is a high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink and fully finished with satin and matt finish.

◾the total size of this sink is 24 x 18 x 10 inches and it’s of silver color.

◾this is a dent-resistant kitchen sink with 1.2mm thickness for superior quality and high strength and it is also highly durable and doesn’t get spoiled easily.

◾there is also a high rear set drain which gives more space in the sink and is easy to use.

◾this sink is made up of commercial-grade which is with satin finish and is also rust-resistant.

◾this whole pack comes up with

1 kitchen sink

Coupling square

Waste pipe

Fruit basket.

◾there is also soundproof technology that doesn’t let the dish sound comes out of the sink.

Pros and cons

There are extra-thick pads that cover the entire sinkThere is no warranty available, that’s the major concern with this sink.
There is also non-toxic soundproof technologyThere is no other size available [only standard size is available]
Made with high-quality materials and completed with matt and satin finish. 

5. Tantia Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink

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This is a Tanita Stainless Steel handmade kitchen sink which is a popular item on Amazon and it comes up with a grey, matt finish with a single bowl.

Features of Tanita Handmade kitchen sink:

◾the total size of the sink is 24 x 18 x 10 inches which are off-standard size.

◾the whole sink is has got the matt final touch up with grey polishing.

◾the thickness of this sink is 1.5mm and the material of the sink is SS-304 grade with a nice matt finish.

◾there is a whole set of items available like

1 kitchen sink

1 drainer

1 basket.

◾this is an east-to-clean and more long-lasting kitchen sink.

◾this sink is rust-resistant and dent resistant with high durability.

Pros and cons

The whole sink is completed with a matt finish and made up of stainless steel.There is no warranty available
This kitchen sink is dent-resistant and rust-resistant.There are no other sizes available

Conclusion on Best kitchen sink brands in India:

These are the best kitchen sink brands in India which are affordable and long listing, the whole details are mentioned above about all the best kitchen sink brands in India.

So you can choose wisely and the exact product which you need and buy the best sink at the best price. Only you need to think about is the size and quality that matters for your requirements and then you can buy a particular one.

so enjoy shopping and have a great deal.

Hurray! So you are now totally ready with every knowledge required for you to purchase the best kitchen sink at an affordable price on every online shopping platform listed above.

so please check them and buy the best piece which suits your needs.

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