Best Bean Bags In India Under 1000


Bean bags are the type of bags or seating items like chairs, sofas, tables. It’s just another type of seating item where u can sit comfortably.

Bean bags are mostly used type of seating item it’s inexpensive and not space-consuming item and are also transferable from one place to another.

Bean bags are the most comfortable and have variety of types in them. Bean bags are having many types of materials and types of sizes and are available at many prices. It doesn’t have high prices to buy for.

best bean bags in india

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Below is the summary of the best bean bags in India which has the best bean bag under 1000

Below is the summary of bean bags in India which are bean bags with beans under 1000

Brand nameSizes availableWith beansMaterialWarranty
Amazon solimo brandXL, XXL, XXXLNoFaux leather1 YEAR
Sattva bean bagsXXL, XXXLNoPolystyrene6 months
Comfy bean bagsMostly only XXXLYESFaux leather and polyurethane1 YEAR
ORKA Bean BagsXL, XXL, XXXLNoFaux leather and fill leather1 YEAR
Style homeZ beans bagsXXL, XXXLNoCotton1 YEAR
VSK Bean bagsKing. XXL, XXXLNoPolypropylene6 months
Caddy full bean bagsStandard, XXL, XXLNoLeatherNO WARRANTY
MollismoonsXL, XXL, XXXLNoFaux leather6 months
Ink Craft bean bagsStandard, XL, XXL, XXLNoLeather6 months

Types of bean bags


Armchair bean bags are the type of bean bags which are bags filled with beans in such a way that how long a person sits on it its always in the shape and doesn’t lose it shape and is more comfortable for people sitting long in a place and working for hours together.

These armchairs come with a newspaper stand and water bottle stand which acts as a complete armchair. It comes up with armrests so that people sitting on it gets the full comfort of an armchair. it is considered by many people as the best bean bag in India.

2. Chair bean bags

As the name suggests these are the type of bean bags that are in the shape of a chair. These come along with cushions which gives the full comfort as a chair.

These bean bags are similar to armchair bean bags only the change is it doesn’t come with armrests. But then to without armrests, these chairs provide the full comfort as what armchair bean bags provide. That’s why these bean bags are more popular and are mostly the first choice of everyone buying a bean bag.

3. Classic bean bags

These are the type of bean bags that people sees regularly. These bean bags are considered the most selling type of bean bag. These are more comfortable and less in price so people buy them so often and these also come with a lot of designs and attractive patterns.

These bean bags takes the shape in such a way that people sitting on them feel relaxed and stress-free. It can restructure itself in the same shape as the person sitting on it.

Top 10 bean bags in India, companies which provide bean bags under 1000

1.Amazon solimo brand

Amazon’s solimo brand is a brand selling many products on Amazon, there are many other products like chairs, mattresses, bedsheets, etc.

Amazon’s solimo brand has one of the best bean bags in India that’s why it is in the top position in the list of best bean bags in India.

But one of the highest selling product by solimo brand is bean bags in amazon, its one of highest selling product because it has many designs and patterns and also many sizes available, so there is a high demand of these products.

Amazon’s solimo brand is considered the best bean bags brand so it tops our list.

Below are the features of the solimo bean bag:

◼these bean bags are around 1 kilogram and comes under all sizes all mentioned in the summary table.

◼these bean bags are available in all colors and many other different patterns.

◼these bean bags are single-seat bean bags made with faux leather and many other materials like polypropylene and also available with many other materials.

◼these bean bags are fade resistance and don’t fade away colors or designs easily.

◼there is also a double anti-spill type of protection available in these bean bags.

◼easy to hold and easy to carry from one place to another

◼there is also 1 year of warranty available.

2. Sattva bean bags

Sattva is a brand under the company name excel ventures. Sattva is a company selling its product online as well as in offline stores, sattva also has many products under its brand name and the top-selling product is bean bags.

Sattva company has many colors and different types of patterns and designs available in bean bags. These bean bags are mostly under 1000 and also available above 1000 rupees, Sattva bean bags are mostly price-friendly these are not soo high in price and everyone can afford them.

Sattva has some of the cheap and affordable bean bags as mentioned above, so they are in the second position in the list of best bean bags in India.

Some of sattva bean bags features are:

◼these bean bags are available in many different sizes and in different dimensions.

◼sattva bean bags are mostly made in leather material and also in many other materials.

◼these bean bags are also in 1 kilograms weight.

◼these bean bags are in contemporary style and in modern and other styles as well.

◼these bean bags need around 2kgs of beans to fill it to use comfortably.

3.Comfy bean bags

This is one of the brand which has bean bag with beans under 1000.

So these are some of the best bean bags in India. Comfy is a brand selling bean bags and many other products under their brand name, products like comfy necks, blankets, mattresses, and many other products.

But one of the most selling products of comfy brands is bean bags. Comfy bean bags are sold mostly because of their brand factory which is associated with amazon.

Some of the comfy bean bags features are:

◼these ban bags are just 1100 grams in weight which is not a heavy number to load.

◼these bean bags are available in all sizes, mostly are XXXL in size.

◼these bags are made up of faux leather and some are also available in polystyrene material.

◼these bean bags are specially designed for indoor use you can use them out but not most often.

◼there is a warranty card available with these bean bags, and also a customer service number available.

4. ORKA bean bags

ORKA is a brand that completely sells only bean bags and is fully focused on selling bean bags they have plenty of bean bags under them and are completely involved in this business.

ORKA brand has numerous designs and patterns available in bean bags with many sizes available. They target the middle-class family segment and don’t have a high price of bean bags mostly, but are good in quality so these are the best bean bags in india.

They mostly have bean bags under 2000 but there are also bean bags available under 1000.

Some of its features are:

◼they are available mostly in all sizes and there’s no need to worry about sizes.

◼these bean bags are available in faux leather and some are in synthetic leather and also available in many different types of materials.

◼these are also available in many different types of shapes like teardrop is one basic type of shape of bean bags and are others also available mostly.

◼these bean bags weigh around 1400 grams which is basically a high number as compared to other bean bags but we can transfer this as well from one place to another.

◼there are also precautions written on it as you have to use warm water to remove dirt and marks on it.

◼this is a single seating bean bag and can hold around 80kg of weight.

◼this bean bag is specially designed with an extra “footstool” with it that’s for exactly free with only this bean bag.

5. Style homez bean bags

Style homez is a company selling many products under their brand name most of them are bean bags and not the normal one but one of the stylish bean bags so choosing them will be a great choice in considering the best bean bags in India. but there are also many products sold under them, some of them are:

Urban designs                        



Bean bags

Style homez bean bags is their first priority to sell they have N number of designs under them and also many basic patterns with basic size.

Style homez bean bags features are:

◼these bean bags are sold in standard size they don’t have much variety of sizes available.

◼these are available with many different types of patterns and basic designs also available according to their customer’s needs.

◼they are made with faux leather mostly and also different types of materials available.

◼their item shape is of round type and are off 950 grams in weight which is basically the less number of weight to carry here and there.

◼these bean bags come with assembly instructions, which means this product requires a basic type of assembly.

◼there is a 1 year of warranty available on these products.

◼there is an extra type of product available like a bean bag separate for kids and separate for adults.

◼ these bean bags are eco-friendly and there is no chemical used in them to make this product.

6. VSK bean bags

VSK bean bags are the best bean bags in India and are associated with Amazon, in fact, all VSK bean bags are associated with the amazon brand itself.

VSK also has many other different types of products in their product line up like:

Face serum


All professional beauty products

Along with bean bags

VSK mostly sells only beauty products and there are only bean bags available in their furniture items.

Some of VSK bean bags features are:

◼these bean bags are available in king size mostly there are no other types of sizes available.

◼these bean bags are made up of leather only.

◼these are round in shape and don’t have any other shape of bean bags.

◼these are very light in weight they are only 875 grams in weight.

◼they are only available with covers and beans need to be purchased separately.

7. Caddy full Bean bags

Caddy full is a company selling bean bags at very low prices, they don’t only sell bean bags they have a high variety of products under them like:

Caddy full beds

Cassy full mattresses

Caddy full bean bags etc.

Some of Caddy full bean bags features are:

◼ These bean bags are available only in standard size there are no other sizes available.

◼ These bean bags are made up of leather, mostly in leather but there is also some present with cotton and faux leather.

◼ There is no warranty available for these bean bags.

◼ There is no assembly required for these bean bags.

◼ These bean bags are of oval shape and take preciously the shape of the person sitting on them.

◼ These Ben bags are around 1kg in weight and easy to carry outdoor.

these are the points for which Caddy Full is in the list of best bean bags in India.

8. Mollisoomns bean bags

best bean bags in india

Mollisoomns is a company not only selling bean bags but also selling other products like:

Dogs bed


Cushion covers

Bean bags etc.

Mollisoomns is a company making and selling bean bags of the best quality, and one of the most popularly known for best bean bags in India.

These bean bags are cheap in price and soft in material.

Some of its features are:

◼ These bean bags are standard in size and they don’t have many sizes available with them.

◼ They have many colors and different types of patterns available with them.

◼ These bean bags are made up of faux Fer material and there is no heat problem in them.

◼ The weight of these products is around 1.2 kgs which is a basic weight and easy to carry.

◼ These bean bags are round in shape and there is also teardrop shape available in them.

9. INK Craft Leather Standard Bean Bags

This bean bag is the latest bean bag currently on amazon this bean bag is presented to us by Ink Craft which is a company selling bean bags mostly with some other products also. it is one of the best bean bags in India.

They have a large variety of bean bags under 1000 and also bean bags above 1000 as you can check them in the below above. they have some of the best bean bags in India.

Some of Ink Craft bean bags features are:

◼Product overview: this is a good and reliable type of bean bag which is a long-lasting and waterproof type of bean bag. It is also the stain resistance and washes care and easy-to-clean bean bag. that’s why they have one of the best bean bags in India.

◼Size: this is a standard size of bean bag but they also have other sizes which you can check out in the link above.

◼Material: this is a very good leather bean bag, but also present with many other types of materials and they really possess good quality material bean bags. Fill material is of the cover only type of material.

◼Shape: this is a teardrop shape of a bean bag and also presents with other shapes.

◼Weight: this is 500 grams of bean bag which is not a heavy item to carry out and is also good for outdoor work.


1. which type of bean bag is best?

bean bags should be purchased according to your convenience and type needed, but advice will always be to purchase the round types of bean bags which take the shape of it according to the person sitting on it and makes it more comfortable. best is the bean bag under 1000

consider the best bean bags in India list mentioned above and make the purchase accordingly.

2. which company’s have best bean bags in India?

companies mentioned above are all having the best bean bags in India and also have all different types of pros and cons but considering as advice would be to purchase solimo or ORKA brand of bean bags.

3. is sleeping on bean bags harmful?

yes, it would cause some difficulties as sleeping for the whole night on bean bags are not safe.

4. how many kg’s of beans are needed to fill bean bags?

it depends on the size you prefer for:

XL- 3 to 4 kg’s of beans’

XXL- 4 to 5 kg’s of beans

XXXL – 5 to 6 kg’s of beans

5. how full should a bean bag be filled?

it should be around one-third of its capacity.


These are the best bean bags in India to consider for.

bean bag under 1000 is a good item to buy rather than investing in the costliest bean bags.

Bean bags are the basic type of furniture item available in everyone’s house, people willing to buy the best bean bags in India can go to the brands mentioned above, these are not only the best bean bags in India in fact these are one of the best bean bags in India in amazon you will find.

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