10 Best and Modern Roof Designs of Houses Trending in 2022

Roof designs of houses are one of those things which are very essential to make it a success regarding designs and structure of your house. It can never be an easy job to select the best suitable design for your house so that it can become a house to look out for.

best roof designs of houses

There are many types of roofs while coming to which type of roof design you want to select for your house and there are also many other factors to be considered before selecting a good roof design for your house. Mainly of them are climate, structure, finance, type, and other factors also.

This is an article that has many other different types of roof designs of houses and all of these are presented with pictures. Every type of house has been listed here and the best suitable roof designs are also presented with pictures.


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List of best roof designs for different types of houses:

  1. Roof Designs for small houses
  2.  Flat Roof Designs
  3. Slope Roof Designs
  4. Cottage Roof Designs
  5. Villa Roof Designs
  6. L-Shaped Roof Designs
  7. Mixed Roof Designs
  8. Terrace Roof Designs Of Houses
  9. Sheet Roof Designs
  10. Hut Roof Designs

Best Roof designs of houses are:

1. Roof Designs for small houses

Do you think that a good roof design cannot be built for small houses then you’re exactly wrong cause we have listed these points with pictures to show you how even small homes can have good roof designs and these roof designs are also an affordable price.

roof design for small houses

Firstly this is a house design which is showing a roof design for small houses. This is basically a small house which has a nice roof structure with a grey and white color combination. This is basically known as a gable roof structure which has an A-like roof structure in shape. It is flat in the middle and not sharp that allowing the rainwater harvesting so easily just as shown in this picture.

roof design for small houses

This picture shows exactly what the flat roof structure will look like for a small house. This is an accurate picture that gives an exact idea of what the double flat roof structure will look like for small houses. It is not an exact rectangle shape roof therefore it is a slightly cut shape the roof has been given great look by adding the cream color to the exterior of the house.

2. Flat Roof Designs for house

These are the images showing a flat roof surface of a house and the best roof structure which suits these types of houses are mostly the flat roofs. The main important factor of these flat roof houses is rainwater harvesting becomes really easy and there is a slope structure inside the flat roof which usually protects itself from the heat of the sun.

flat roof designs

The first image is showing a flat roof surface of a house in a day’s time and it is exactly the type of roof which was stated above in the introduction part of the flat roof design. There is a slope built inside the flat roof to protect it from the sun as mentioned above and you can also see this in this picture. There are also some nice color combinations used in this house to give it an attractive look which even you can inspire by and use exactly as shown in this picture.

flat roof designs

This is basically a villa having a flat roof design and it is a picture taken during nighttime to exactly show what the flat roof design will look like the nighttime. The flat roof is in the house but as you can see from the balcony of the house there is no flat roof instead there is an iron rod roof which gives your villa an attractive look and a fresh night sky look and sunlight to be seen from that as it is not covered by the roof. The color combination can also be seen and to get inspired by as the colors are accurate to use for your own homes.

3. Slope Roof Design

These are the types of roof designs whose style is known from their name itself which is sloping roof designs of houses. These are one of the most popular types of roof design which everyone can see in residential properties. All of the residential property holders find this type of slope design very fascinating and mostly prefer them more than any other type of roof design.

sloping roof design

This is an image showing how a sloping roof design is seen in a big villa. This is a villa that has a sloping roof that is way too deep from one of the corners and this gives a classic look to your home as it is one of those rare designs to watch. The roof of this home is of a wooden frame and this is very much relatable to the wall painting of the home. As the colors match the roof and overall give the home an elegant look.

sloping roof design

This is another home showing how a sloping roof design look and the way the roof is shown here is just perfect. This is how exactly a sloping roof house will look. There are basically 2 layers of the roof as one is just above the home and another one is above the roof which is what which is giving this home a classic look and makes it look more elegant.

So these are the images and types of sloping roof designs of houses that can be used to give your home an attractive look.

4. Cottage Roof Designs of Houses

Cottage roof designs of houses are also classic but can only be used in the farm area where there is less pollution and more greenery.

cottage roof design

This is an image showing how a roof will be seen in a small cottage home. This is just like showing how a roof will look like on a small hut. As we can see it can give an elegant look to your cottage or hut. That’s why it is known as cottage roof design. This small hut is having 2 sides of the opening and both the sides have roof designs in an A shape.

cottage roof design

This is our second image showing what the cottage roof will look like for two different cottages which are built with the same design. With the same color combination and with the same type of glasswork used in the cottage. This is having a wooden frame in the wall of the house which complements the roof design. The grey and brown color combinations are elegant In this cottage.

5. Villa Roof Design          

Villas are one of those types of homes where people love to spend their holidays and enjoy for the party. Villas are one of those types of homes where the roof is the utmost important thing. Because roofs are the ones that give home the look which we want.

villa roof design

This is a villa that has a wooden frame roof that adjusts to the white color of the house. This is a villa that has a triangle shape the roof and these are the types of roofs which suit the best for villas where it attracts more and more people and it gives out an elegant look.

villa roof designs

This is our next image showing what a triangular shape roof on a villa looks like. This is a villa having basically a sheet-like roof structure. These sheet-like roofs are also one of those classic combinations on the villa to put on. These are the type of villas which has a separate sitting place for any get-together and some solar panels on the roof to use for electricity. These roofs are the ones which can give villas all together with a different look and an elegant fashion.

6. L- Shaped Roof Designs Of Houses

These are the types of roof designs that are in L- shape structure and these are better for that house that has their home built in L- shape as shown in the pictures below.

l shaped roof designs

This first image is showing an L- shape roof design. These are the triangular-shaped roof designs but are in the L-shape. These are the best houses roof design because they are easy to build and are also good for ventilation. In this image, you can see that the roof is of brown color and the wall is painted in grey color which gives this home a classy and elegant look.

L shaped roof design

This is our second image showing how the L-shaped roof design looks. This is also basically as same as shown in the first picture. Just the difference is that there are 2 triangular-shaped structures on the roof of the house. This is just the difference between the first image and this one. This picture is basically showing how L-shaped roof designs of houses look like when the home has 2 triangular shapes on the roof.

7. Mixed Roof Designs of Houses

Mixed roof designs as the name suggest it is the type of roof designs of houses where there are all mixed types of roofs in one home. In basic, these are a mixture of triangular, flat, L-shaped, slope, and many more other types of roofs are included in this home.

mixed roof designs

This is the first image of ours showing how a mixed roof design basically is. Mixed roof designs are the best ones to create for any house as it gives many different shapes to our house and they can also give a more attractive look if it is added by many other colors and patterns of the home.

mixed roof designs

The next image is showing how mixed design roof is, the terrace roof structure is added in this home, and also the triangular shape is also added. With some blocks on the floor to give your home an elegant look and superb structure.

8. Terrace Roof Designs Of Houses

These are the types of roof designs of houses that are perfect if you like the ray of sunshine into your home. If you are willing to spend your Sunday or any rest day on your terrace then you will surely like this type of roof design.

terrace roof designs

This is an image replicating exactly how will terrace roof designs look, these types of roof designs of houses will not surely save you from rain although they may give your home a classy and elegant look. These are not the best suitable for rainy days but can be a better option for the summer season to enjoy the heat of the summer on your terrace or enjoy the black night as shown in the picture.

9. Sheet Roof Designs

Sheet roof designs have been an old form of roof design structure although these can be heavy in weight and in price it is also the thing which can comply with your design of the house and give your house a good look.

sheet roof designs

Sheet roof designs are made up of aluminum and these are also easy to fit and easy to take out if needed. It is advantageous and supportive in terms of the other roof structure it can be in any color you want and make it look super attractive.

10. Hut Roof Designs

These are the types of roof designs that are basically only fitted to hut shapes of homes. These will be the best choice in the area of heavy rainfall and snowfall and these are the best built-in vas areas.

hut roof designs

This is the image showing how hut roof designs will look, these can be the structure showing the very basic style of the hut roof designs. These types of hut roof designs are mostly built in hilly areas and in the areas where there is heavy rainfall and snowfall as mentioned above.


These are the types of Roof Designs of Houses that are trending in 2022 and are also the ones that many people are adapting to thier newly built homes and giving thier homes a new and classy look.

If you want to more images regarding these new roof designs of houses then you can surely go to Pinterest and gather as many as images you want.

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